Friday, 2 December 2011

Solemnization Checklist

Ok im being nice today. Let me share the checklist.
1. Set date & time for solemnization
2. Book the place for akad nikah, tok kadi, saksi
3. Prepare all the forms
4. Book caterer and place to serve guests
5. Prepare guest list
6. Prepare outfit for bride (baju/veil/tudung/bunga tangan/accessories/crown)
7. Hantaran & theme color
8. Baju family
9. Gifts
10. Makeup
11. Photographer & Videographer
12. HIV test
13. Prepare outfit for the groom (baju melayu/sampin/songkok/shoes/socks)
14. Attend kursus kahwin
15. Inai/Henna
I google here n there to come out with this list and might left few things. U may make ur own :)

xoxo, bride #3

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