Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Weekend at Future In-Law's

At Acin's Wedding (without the pengantin)

Last weekend, I had the pleasure to spend days with husband-to-be and his family. On Saturday we attended two weddings (of his friends, Acin and Bakar) back to back. Together with us were my future-MIL and future-SIL with her 3 kids. At 3pm, we rushed to see my nikah dress designer, Amir Luqman for my 1st fitting session at his Plaza Damas boutique. For 1st fitting, the dress is just blank, it has no beading, no lace, no nothing...yet! Amir just wanted to make sure the dress fits me perfectly. Well, I think I'm gonna loooove my nikah dress ;) *wink *wink. Ingatkan nak amek gamba with Amir, but he was unwell, having fever. So we'll do that later (next fitting session) as he promised me.

Late at night, me + mr. fiance, just the two of us, we went to Mohsin TTDI because I was craving for cheese naan (Mumtaz) + tandoori chicken, yummmm! Later we lepak with his best friends at Hayaki Danau Kota.

I ended up waking up very late on Sunday, around 10++am, haishhh bikin malu saja. Right from the start, my waking hours at his house would hover between 9am to 11am. I never succeed in cultivating waking up early as a habit, mesti my in laws geleng kepala je tengok bakal menantu bangun lambat :S I'm honestly being myself, bad bad Diyana.

After we had our brunch (future-MIL masak Mee Sup), we went to IKEA for some shopping, my future-MIL and future-SIL pon ikut. Bought wedding related items around RM300++, plus membazir utk diri sendiri. Found out that my fav IKEA TINDRA scented candles now have wide variety of smells, nice! Even my guy pon dah ter-influenced with my candle habit, he grabbed one set for his room :p. After IKEA shopping, we went back home, had tea + banana fritters, packed my things and I zoom zoom back to Kuantan. Reached my bujang home just before AJL starts.

Alone again, Bride #2.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Bride #1: short update


I'm currently in Geneva on a work trip but luckily there are 2 weekends which I'm able to take some time off and divert the attention to the wedding preparations. So I took this opportunity to go on a mission to fill up our hantaran trays. Guess where I will be? =)

Since I gotta be back in Geneva by Sunday evening, it'll be a reallyyy short trip, with approximately 27 hours in the city of love. Work does not permit me to indulge myself on the best things that the city has to offer. Pfffttt!

Anyway, I hope I'll be able to find what A requested for. It's quite a challenge to shop without the presence of the granted owner. And also gotta remember that I have a mandate from Bride #2 and #3 for me to keep an eye on the things that they want.

A la prochaine, Bride #1

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Bride #2 DIY Challenge: Sticker on VIP Wedding Favor

Tadaaaaa! This one is an express DIY, easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. I plan to put the stickers on my VIP wedding favors. No, the jar is not my VIP wedding favor, simpan stickers je dlm tu huhu. I did it once for my E-Day, so I'll do it again for my wedding.

E-Day Favor Stickers (Oct 2011)

W-Day VIP Favor Stickers (for June 2012)

1. Design the sticker - I get my design from Depositphotos
2. Print the design on sticker papers / labels - Herma labels

(Huhh yg ni terpakse beli yg mahal sbb Popular Kuantan xde choice pon, RM25 for 10 sheets, sila carik yg lg murah)

3. Cut the sticker accordingly - ruler, paper knife, scissors

Stickers Pro, Bride #2

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A Productive Long Weekend

End of a four day weekend. I have to say I'm pretty impressed with myself in 'burning' cash ~wusshhhh $$$ gone just like that hoho. Here are points to summarize my days:


9 out of 10 Wengurls

Me + Bride #1 + Bride #3 + 6 others (One couldn't make it) gathered for a cozy morning bachelorette party at the Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie. Fira is our lovely bride-to-be, her wedding will be in March. Later, five of us continued our day at Pavilion. We had fun fun fun :D!

Bride-to-be Fira

Kanak2 riang, umur 28, my God! Haha

I was looking for the wedding shoes. Remember the Stuart Weitzman shoes from previous post, I found two of them, Vevey and Glitterswoon (both are latest collection) - Price tagged RM1800 and RM1450 each, whoaaa I thought $398 supposedly around RM1300, not RM1800 -__-" . My bridesmaid said it's too much to spend for shoes, yeahh I agreed. We also entered Vincci+ (Fira found her wedding shoes here, gorgeous!), Nine West, Aldo and Rockin Reptile. Namun tiada kujumpa yg menambat hati seperti si Stuart.

This is Rockin Reptile heels, around RM580. Cantik gile tp x best pakai due to its poor alignment, sure sakit blakang kalau pakai all day, too bad...kalau x, mmg sambar dah.

And, these wooden letters are cute! I couldn't resist buying. Get yours at TYPO, Pavilion. I'm gonna put the letters on the Guestbook Table, near my Welcome Board.

Together with my parents and husband-to-be, we went for a food tasting session by Fadillah Irfan Caterer. The food tasting was held at a real wedding! Ktorg slambe mcm wedding crashers kat wedding tu haha. Good first impression, clean + well-organized caterer. The food is ok, not bad but not very very good either. I want the cendol booth for sure! Ape2 pon, after this my dad will discuss with the caterer, so tunggu je lah.

Next, me and my guy went to Nilai 3 to do some quick shopping. We entered KK Home Deco and VR Star. We found nothing that we want at KK Home Deco and spent around RM700 at VR Star. My mum wanted the bunga pahar to be ala2 gantung2 tu, glad that she's happy with what I bought :). The results:

Lastly, we went for a movie date Underworld: Awakening at Jusco Seremban with my 2 brothers. Keep going back and forth few times already, in a day - it's the price of our long distance love. Tiring but fulfilling day.

The cake tasting session was cancelled due to emergency family matters, Sarah's (my cake vendor) uncle passed away, Al-Fatihah. We will meet up another time.

Dad took the family out for lunch and later we drove to Melaka - balik kampung - just to have tea session with Nenek. We reached home at 7++ pm and went out again for dinner. Ponatttt badan. Spent the rest of the night layan muvi Moneyball with the siblings, a must-see movie, it truly deserved the Oscar nomination yesterday.

After lunch, a long drive back to Kuantan, alone. *Sigh

FYI, Bride #1 is out of country, she's now in Geneva or Amsterdam. Bride #3 is so busy with her new job, it will take time to adjust. Please excuse their absence for a while.

Temporary lone ranger, Bride #2.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Bride #2 Dream (Wedding) Shoes

Hola, beautiful ones :). I'm in a good mood today. Sometimes lusting after things way out of budget is a pretty damn good thing. To any discerning shoe-lover, you'll understand my obsession on these:

My dream designer shoes are from Christian Louboutin. You can find the French label at the ground floor of Isetan, Suria KLCC. Louboutin has yet to open their signature store in Malaysia, but I think there are another 2 outlets in KL (not sure). I promise I'll love my Louboutins like Carrie (SATC) loves her Manolos. Until the day I can afford a pair of Louboutin arrives, I remain a dreamer...

Psst psst..just so you know, Fazura did wear this Louboutin range to FFM24 last November...the pair costs +/- RM20k kottt, huiyoo kelasss kau Fazura!

Another brand in my wishlist is Stuart Weitzman. If compared to Louboutin, in a way, Weitzman is 'affordable'. I've been secretly in love with Stuart Weitzman for years now, since my Uni days.

For wedding shoes, I'm sure to get a pair of gold shoes. However, I'm not sure whether I'll make it as one of my hantaran items or I'll just wear it straight away on my big day. I have resolved in my heart that I can buy my dream shoes...but definitely not now! Hoho I'll decide later in April or May - tepuk dada tanya selera, and most importantly tengok ketebalan poket ;)! This is another test of willpower for me, temptations, oh hate it!

Fast-becoming a shoe lover, Bride #2

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Bride #1: THE dress

Pursuant to this post, I finally decided to engage Najib Salman to design both solemnization and reception dresses. I was very clear with what I want for the former, something simple with more details on the sleeves and chest. But when it comes to selecting what kind of design is suitable for the latter, I became one heck of a fickle-minded bride. I,first, wanted to don songket, either in clean white or gold. Then I saw Bella's dress in Breaking Dawn and fell in love with its sleeves AND the exposed back. But A is never keen on much exposed skin and I'm going to respect that. What A wants, A gets. I specifically told Najib to still try to incorporate the infamous sleeves to his sketches. I know most of the B2B have talked about this Carolina Herrera gown, I'm just one of the admirers (and a hopeful I-want-to-be-Bella girl ;) )

The challenge with this design is to find the perfect lace so that it looks somewhat 'belong' with the overall design. The more I think of how the dress will look like, the more unsure I am with the outcome. Not that I ever doubt Najib's capabilities, but it's just one of those moments where nothing feels right. You just want to do and plan everything all over again.

What one needs to do when faced with stressful time like this? Called your best friends for an urgent between-life-and-death meeting. That's right baby! And so I consulted my MOH and assistants MOH (really, how can you choose only ONE MOH when you have 16 BGFF???) showing them the alternative dress which I memang like since the beginning but never have the courage to actually 'make' the dress. Upon getting the nods of approval, I emailed Najib and said "You are going to kill me but Najibbb I think I wanna change the design of my dress. I might be the most fickle minded bride you have ever met but I really really appreciate your expertise on this"

THIS dress is shamelessly inspired from Elie Saab's pronovias collection. I have always been a fan of his (and Marchesa, but we don't want to be OTT with all the intricate tulle designs, do we?). If only he is here in Malaysia, I might just pop into his boutique the next day I know I'm getting married =)

I hope and pray that this is IT. I need to move on and not think about this especially not when I need to focus on the next thing in list, i.e favors and decorations.

Hoping to be Elie Saab-ed, bride #1

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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Bride #2 Dream Pelamin (Wedding Dais)

The other day, my Aunt Zizah (father's sister) who is also my mak andam asked me to find some photos for my dream pelamin. I showed these to her, she replied 'so funnily' hahaha. In the end, I can only get half of it, asalkan dpt sket, bole la labuuuuu ;p

All photos are taken from Merisik Gallery, Nas Great Idea and Zaifie Zainal.

Mini Pelamin Nikah

Pelamin Reception My Side

Pelamin Reception His Side

Sambung berangan... , Bride #2

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Bride #2 Jan-Feb Checklist

My Ta-Da (DONE) List
As mentioned in previous checklist post:
1. Kursus Kahwin
2. Wedding Venues - Spanish Villa Poolside & His Home
3. Solemnization Dress - Amir Luqman (Next appointment on 28th Jan)
4. Wedding Photographer - Elinazz Photography
5. Wedding Cards - LH Creative Concept
6. Hantaran Deco & Wedding Favors - Merisik Gallery
7. Honeymoon Airplane Tickets (AirAsia)
Newly confirmed:
8. Honeymoon Villa - Bermimpi Bali Villas
9. 2 x Reception Dress - Khalik Mustafa
10. Pelamin & MUA - Yan Andaman (Owned & partly sponsored by my auntie hehe)
11. Wedding Henna - Creative Henna Designs
12. Wedding & Hantaran Cakes - Flavox Patisserie (Cake tasting on CNY, yummm!)
13. 2 x Sejadah & Telekung as Hantaran Items (Purchased by Bride #1 from Bandung, tq D!)
14. DIY Wedding Deco - Partly done (SSF, The Perfect Canvas & Gift For You)
15. Wedding Videographer - La Televisio

My To-Do (JAN/FEB) List
1. F&B Catering - To confirm booking - Fadillah Irfan Caterer
2. DIY Wedding Deco - To continue... plan nak beli kat IKEA & usha kat Nilai 3, my bridesmaid Sha is going to Bangkok this Feb, mintak tlg ushakan brg jugak
3. Eyeing on hantaran items - Tiffany & Co, Gucci or LV, Anya Hindmarch or Marc Jacobs, Stuart Weitzman... Wahhh boleh ke sume ni? Hati mmg mauuu
4. Get ready for formal procedures such as amek borang, HIV Test etc.

I'm in the risk of running out of cash by April ayoyoyo because byk lari budget =S. Well, being me, as expected. Anyway, this Saturday, me + Bride #1 + Bride #3 and 7 other girls will be hanging out at Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie. Rinduuuuuu ok!

Show me the money, Bride #2

bride #1: the hole-in-the-pocket weekend

Phewww that was a long break! And I did not just mean a break from this blog, but I put on hold anything wedding related. Bad bad bride!

As mentioned by Bride #2 in her post, I went to Bandung for fabrics hunting with the family. I acquired myself the chiffon silk and satin silk needed for solemnization dress. Also managed to get the materials for both families (A and I) and tray bearers for our friends. Totally budget-friendly! I had actually hoped I could find the appliqué lace as mostly used by Elie Saab but nan hado! Something like this:

If you are considering to go to Bandung for some wedding shopping spree, these are my two favorite shops; D’Fashion and Angel at Lantai 2.
On to the travel details, we stayed at Aston Braga Hotel and Residence, 3 bedrooms apartment, which cost us RM1.2k for 2 nights. It’s strategically located in Jalan Braga, around 400m to Pasar Baru. Really it’s a walking to distance to Pasar Baru but we hired a ‘supir’ from the local company to take us around the city for the whole duration of stay (3d2n). You can read more about their services here or contact Pak Tarmidzi +62 813 2002 8484
Anyhooo, for what’s left, I’m still considering whether to DIY my invitation cards or just get them done by the professional. Firstly need to make a comparison in terms of the cost, the feasibility of the time, resources etc. So as to speak, I’m currently looking for the best printing services (cheap and high quality) around KL area. If you happen to know any, do let me know ya =)  
I’ll be taking another break from doing anything wedding related. If I got the time, I’ll blog from these two places ;)
Almost stagnant, Bride #1

Monday, 16 January 2012

Bride #2 DIY Challenge: Ribbon on Pocket Invitation

90 rolls of dark gold satin ribbons purchased from SSF. I'm adding ribbons on my wedding cards. What I need now is patience. I have total of 1500++ pieces to complete, 125 are completed, 1400 to go! Oh my my!

But I never liked my ribbon bow and found it challenging to follow instructions on the Internet. I've tried, tried, and tried again, and I'm still "bow stupid". Until I was like Ahh-Whateverrr haha. Asalkan buat sume ni for the glory of love ;)

My next DIY challenges would be the guestboard (instead of guestbook) and thank-you tags.

Ribbon beginner, Bride #2

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Bride #2 Bridal Henna/Mehndi

It's a neutral option towards having bridal henna/mehndi. I don't hate it nor love it, but from the google images I found, they're pretty good looking. I want something like these, just hands only - from fingers, palms and on hands up to the elbow; heavily patterned with intricate designs:

This is what I plan to get, it would be great if the design can perfectly combined to form a circle when I put my hands together side-by-side:

I want to hide his name somewhere on it ;P. Hubby-to-be is already asking how will I put his name in the design, he's curious hehe.

Last week, I sent out request for quotation emails to 5 henna vendors. Only 4 of them replied. The quoted price is from RM200 to RM600! Woahhh mahal jugak rupenye nak berinai nih.

I've booked Renuka from Creative Henna Designs because she's flexible on the henna/mehndi design (she said I can even have different pattern for each hand) and her price is reasonable for the design that I want (refer pic above). Below are some of her work - I'm obsessed with cleanliness and neatness - so she's good:

Pics taken from Creative Henna Designs facebook

Eager to be henna-ed, Bride #2

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

1 week of joy

Hello ladies,
I'm officially unemployed. Yes, unemployed for one week as i will be joining the new company starting next Monday. Therefore im utilizing these free time to do survey and send my dad for checkup. Even now i'm at the car service center, another 1 hour to wait. *ala2 gunekan masa cuti sebaik mungkin*. haha.

Im sorry to my 2 beloved brides and readers as i have recently being silent in updating our blog (junetasticbrides). Occupied with family matters. I try my best to update k.

On 30th Dec - 1st Jan, there is 'pameran pengantin' which supposed to be at i-city somehow they changed the venue to space u8. i found out about it by accident. Went there on 30th Dec with my mum, sister, baby and mr FH. The place quite new so u can imagine the smell of new building which doesn't comforting the baby at all. Spend about 30minutes coz most of wedding vendors in process to setup their booth. Planned to come the next day, unfortunately FH has emergency things to do and need to go back hometown. End up going to Jakel with my sister to buy my kain' for solemnization.

Alhamdulillah, wedding band for mr FH bought and reception dress for groom side has been decided and paid the deposit. Now pending for my side, which very much i'm still searching *search with no ends*. Remember my journey to Cosry on previous blog post, akmal the assistant suddenly sms and asking if im interested to buy their ready made dress, about 6k for bride and groom(baju melayu only) with no accessories. At first it tempted me to persuade mr FH but then with that price i should be able to get full package else where. So if u girls thinking of wearing Cosry, drop me an email so i can send u akmal's number.
Alhamdulillah, FH already certified. Now we are 1 step ahead in completing our checklist *long long checklist*.

Till we meet again, bride #3

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Saturday Shopping

What a "great" Saturday this particular weekend. Because I finally got the chance to pamper myself (and my car too) after few weekends of driving + traveling here and there + sun and rain + meeting people. I went for my monthly facial session, then I went shopping $$$, and now I'm totally broke! Because of theseeeeeee, abeslah encik kesayangan bising sbb wife-to-be amat boros:

I've been using Dermalogica since February last year, sejak menjak kenal si dia lalu nak prepare for our engagement, buat alasan nak cantik masa E-Day kene la start gune complete range of beauty products and sign up for intensive facial course..kann. Since then I have never look back, and continue with more. Before, I hardly stay on one brand for long. To those in Kuantan, seriuss facial session kat Charis Beauty Centre ni amat best, Dermalogica's product range pon best! My skin has improved a lot, but not perfect yet, that's why la kene continue (again...ini alasan! huhu). Tadi beli brg2 yg dah nak habis - PreCleanse and UltraCalming Cleanser, and I've signed up for another facial course - CNY Promo 3x+2x for RM988, normal price 1x without package is RM328. Haa cukup2 sampai my wedding in June.

This is my 1st Pengantin magazine sejak start for wedding preps. At first I wanted to grab Glam magazine, but this month's issue is all about men la pulak, x best lah. So I took Pengantin magazine instead. Korang dah beli ek? Saye ni lambat sket huhu, jommm bace before tdo ;)!

More on my "beauty investments" for everyday use are the Estee Lauder and Loreal (ye, sy sudah tua ;P) products, burnt another huge hole in my pocket! I've been looking to try compact foundation and concealer from Estee Lauder and Dior as I've trusted these 2 brands for years. Plus, both Estee Lauder and Dior packaging are always classy, :) sesswaii sgt kalau nak buat hantaran, unfortunately I won't be receiving beauty/makeup set on my big day. But tadi tak sempat langsung ke kaunter Dior, sudah rembat sume ni kat Estee Lauder, tak mampu dah pastu, maybe next time oh my Dior... heeee

 Beauty + makeup junkie, tp malas makeup sendiri, Bride #2