Thursday, 29 December 2011

Bride #1: the incidental E-day

What meant to be a small ceremony for both families, turned out to be the day I became someone's fiancee. All planning was done in merely 2 weeks, from buying the ring, getting the right dress, coordinating the guests, hiring caterer, dais maker, MUA ahh just everything. I'm not gonna talk too much on the unnecessary, so here's the details of my E-day:

Dress: White Cotton Baju Kurung, from Lemari, SACC
Dokoh: Lemari, SACC
Dais & MUA: FL-Adore
Hantaran: Home Made by Sis
Choc Favors & Mineral Bottle Label: OhMaiWedding
Brown Paper Bag: Wakim, Kg Baru
Paper Lantern & Tin Pail with Handle: The Basket Shop, Jalan Panggung
Fresh Flowers: White and Purplish Pink roses, White Eustoma, Baby's Breath, Tuberose, Gerbera
Red Velvet Cupcake: Home baked by Mom
Bahulu: Kak Rokiah, near PKNS Bangi (Phone No: 019-2118667)
Agar-Agar Kering: Impian Collection

Only one word to describe the people behind this one-of-a-kind team; awesomelyamazeballs! Haha ok I cheat, they are beyond words, always make you feel like 'home' when talking to them. I got to meet with the masterminds of this brand, Farah and Razi, and oh boy were they the sweetest souls! Farah not only helped by agreeing to do the dais within a short notice, she was kind enough to give out advice as and when needed. I would 299% recommend them to you, my fellow brides.  

The Dais
I entrusted my sister to do my hantaran and she did them all so briliantly. Thank you and love you, sista! =) The wooden trays and cage were previously used during my sister's wedding. We ordered them from our uncle who magically transformed the plain boring wood to these beautiful babies. These are all up for rent, in case you wonder. (psstt: we might be taking orders for hantaran, will reveal the details soon)

Hantaran: Sirih Junjung, Tafsir al-Quran and Baju Melayu, Perfume, Godiva Chocolates, RV Cupcake, Fruits, Agar-agar Kering

Dear Sis insisted that I should invest on door gifts for the e-day since we got it all covered up for the wedding in June (part of the Duchess Place package). I stumbled upon this site while doing my daily blog hopping. It was like "you got me at Hello" kind of relationship with this lady. She was really kind, soft spoken and most importantly prompt at replying emails. I ordered 250 chocolate chunks and 100 mineral water labels from her, all for RM205.

I have to thank Bride #2 for helping me with this. Those living outside of KL, fret not. Orders can be done online and delivered to your door step. But if you have the time, do go their shop in Kg. Baru. Negotiate to get the best price. I got mine at RM0.90 per piece. It could be cheaper but I was feeling generous since the guy was so kind showing me the ways to pack my chocolate.

Door Gifts: Mineral Water, Bahulu, Customized Chocolate, Kerepek and some with RV Cupcake

  My dress?

 I'm officially engaged, you guysssss! ;)

Ahhhh forgot to mention, my utmost gratitude to my two best friends, bride # 2 and #3 for being part of the meaningful day. God knows how much I love you two for always be there, through my ups and downs, the thick and thin, for better or worse. Hehe dah macam wedding vows ni...God, bless these two amazing souls =)

Love and light, bride #1

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