Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Wedding Theme Colour

Salam Hari Asyura to my bride-to-be(s) =)

I don't want to be reminded of how fast the time flies. It seems surreal that all 3 of us are gonna get hitched in no less than 7 months *gulp*

Anywayyy,girlsss... Have you all decided on your color theme your wedding day? Here are my various finds based on color palette that I chose for both solemnization and reception.

For my solemnization, I chose ivory white, peach and orange.

For reception, I'd go for more vibrant colors, maybe a combination of the above colors PLUS tiffany blue/aqua, hope that it could go well for the decoration of the dais. Something like these:

all photos shamelessly taken from google image =)

I might change my mind on this, if it gets difficult to think of colors to dress up the men in my life. For more color palette ideas, visit here

'till then. Sloppy kisses from bride #1!

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