Thursday, 1 December 2011

Bride #1

I wouldn't know what led you to this blog but from the bottom of my heart, I'm glad you found us =)

Since I'm so bored out of my wits with the never ending tasks at the office, allow me to take the liberty of introducing myself.

Hellooooo I'm bride #1 =)

I'll be the first of the bunch who will be married in June 2012. 7 months away but I'm already feeling the tense! I wonder how some brides managed to plan in just 3 months before the big day. Salute!

To this date, I have only managed to secure the venue for my reception. I knew I wanted to have it at Duchess Place from the moment A popped the question. First contact was made in September, 2 weeks after the proposal. Met up with Afzal at Duchess Place and oh boyy what a beautiful hall! I was already imagining myself sitting on the dais, feeding A the first slice of our wedding cake, dolling up in the white room =P It was there and then I decided that there was no need to look further. Good thing about their package is that it includes almost everything you need for your reception. Food (of course!), hall decorations, dais, gifts for the guests, traffic controller (to control the flow in and out of the area), 3 rooms for bride, groom & family, PA system, everything lahh...

If you need more info on the package offered by the Duchess Place, drop us an email ya! I'll be happy to assist you.

Ok girlsss, sorry that I don't really write much. Somehow I've lost the words to say. Promise you more details on my next entry k? 'till then!
Sloppy kisses from bride #1!

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