Thursday, 22 December 2011

Apa suda jadi dgn Bride #3 ?

My health is not in a very good state during this month of December. Last week i had an unbearable headache. This week goes down with flu, fever, sore throat, yada yada yada.

While i cannot think straight, i have come out with an idea on my wedding theme. The color represents my new company logo. Bodek much? lol.  It just popped out of sudden. How can i blame this fever when it gives me idea? no?

Let see if my mum would approve them. Besides the approval, how can i pull off these colors so that it looks great and not too much. Because i want maroon,chocolate,red,orange,light orange,yellow and pink. Too much? no? hehehe.

I still haven't decide on my wedding dress either to rent or tailor made them. Boleh tak nak outsource org fikirkan design for me? sapa nak kawin ni? aduh mak takut. helppp! even i dreamt im not prepared on my wedding day. normal kah ini??? ok sambung later, eventho my bos not in but i have huge responsibility to carry, to make decisions. hehehe ;)

si demam, bride #3

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