Friday, 30 December 2011

Bride #1: quest for invitation cards

Salam Friday to my fellow brides-to-be.

Just a short note for those who are still in search for invitation cards, do look out for promotion by marryme2u.

I love how the designs are very simple and chic. Just the right feel I'm imagining my reception would be.

However, since I have not much preparations to do on my side, I've been thinking whether I should DIY the cards. Many would say it will be a waste of time since people hardly keep your cards, let alone frame it on their wall. But I love how special each cards would be, maybe I will customize it according to the character of the recipients.

Ehhhhh got time or not??

Too ambitious, Bride #1


  1. kalau rajin DIY, ok je nak DIY..
    pada saya, kad adalah item yg kite boleh save bajet gile2.

  2. So they're the one who made your wedding invitation cards? I'm also looking for someone who can create and give me sample of his works which has a theme of thank you cards, wedding, Christmas, etc .. any of it... just select one theme so I can see if it's worth. Thanks.

    1. Nope. I followed the design I found online and got LH creative in Jalan Brunei to print them out for me. Each card costs me RM0.70.

      For something like what you are looking for, I'd suggest you have a look at Dear Azalea, I Like Card. These two have their own fb page. You might want to check them out