Friday, 2 December 2011

Creative & Nice Photos

Hi, im bride #3. Let me share my findings on the wedding photographers.
1. Preetypeektures -everyone knows they take marvelous pictures for Bunga Citra Lestari and Ashraf Sinclair's wedding. Emailed them few times and of course Min replied promptly even he's outstation in Miri. Sorry Min kacau u time keje. Hehe. Since $$$ is the barrier so im still deciding. pretty peektures principal photographer

2. - i found out about them after my cousin's wedding last year. Mesmerized with the work and their creativity in capturing the best moment allowed me to fantasy of having them for my wedding eventho i don't have any planning at that time. So u see how their pictures makes us want to get married. Ok, maybe me alone but still. Great pictures and reasonable price. Go figure! Acestudio

3. thephotolicious - they are well known. Captured Bienda's wedding, dia fadila pre-wedding and a lot more. Get to know one of photographer during my childhood friend's wedding. Female photographer. I must say im amazed. We have one thing common, her husband same hometown with my FH. Can we skip the accommodation part maybe? Check out their page. thephotolicious

While i'm still contacting few more photographers to get the best price, give it a try check out their work. You will never regret :)

xoxo, bride #3

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