Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Bride #2 Honeymoon Villa

Bali is our destination for honeymoon. It will be our first time to Bali. I've been to Jakarta and Bandung before, but never Bali. So that's perfect, we can have a little adventure together as a couple!

We are looking for an instantly relaxing and romantic atmosphere with emphasis on privacy and cleanliness. Both of us just want to relax, unwind, and enjoy time together. But, as Bali first timers, we also want to experience some of the Balinese culture. We decided to stay in Seminyak, a beach town in South Bali. It's much more sophisticated and laid-back than Kuta.

We are more into free-and-easy travel method. What gets me and my fiance interested are those villas with own private pool to swim in (for my guy) and mosquito net/bed canopy (for me) haha it's that easy to please us heh ;p Location is important too - the convenience of being able to just walk right out to the beach, restaurants/cafes, spa/massages and shops is definitely great. On top of all of the above, the price must be reasonable too.

 After days of reading TripAdvisor reviews, below are my personal Top 5 (random order):
So today we booked our honeymoon villa. Enquiry + booking + payment are completed in less than 2 hours. Wow, that's a great first impression, no wonder it has so many excellent reviews.

A little hint: We picked the one that do thing differently compared to other villas!


  1. bagus r korang share 3 orang lam blog nie..neway,welcome to the group..=)

  2. Hi Huny, welcome to our blog!
    Anyway just to update - u r the 1st link that we put here hehe

  3. hihi byk cerita sikit, triple the story!

  4. best ye~ honeymoon pun sama2 jugak ke nanti? btw, korang guna khidmat yang mana satu?

    salam perkenalan dear~

  5. Salam perkenalan dhiera, we just put your link here. Haishhh honeymoon x same2, malu2 kang masing2 nanti :p
    Tanya khidmat honeymoon ni ke? Jeng3, tunggguuuu...later Bride #2 reveal!

  6. hekhek~ ingat kan honeymoon sekali sebab sama2 kawen bulan 6. cepat la reveal!!

    nak bagi cadangan, apa kata memandangkan korang bertiga, habis je tulis entri state dari sape. tak ada la confius nanti. he

  7. Every entry ade bgtau sape yg tulis, kat title or kat ending post, tapi ktorg x gune nama sgt, refer as Bride #1, Bride #2, Bride #3.

    Heee confuse ek, maybe ktorg leh tambah label specific utk each of us ke. Nanti I buat.

    Anyway, thanks for suggestion tau.
    Ok, nanti I (Bride #2) reveal soon. Stay tuned!