Saturday, 24 December 2011

Bride #2 Solemnization Dress Description & ++

After I had my measurements done, discussion with the designer himself, Amir Luqman, and then follow-up emails (quote, invoice, receipt) with the Chief Brand Officer, Nik M Azreen, below is the finalized description of my solemnization dress:

Colour: Pure White, Soft Pink

White Label Mini Kurung Akad Nikah
Material: Chiffon, Satin, Lace
Embellishment: Wristline beaded lace
Embellishment: Bottomline beaded

White Label Round Veil
Material: Chiffon silk
Embellishment: Beaded lace along the edge

Last week, 50% payment for the dress made easy via online. After stating my preference on our future appointments to always be on weekend, Azreen scheduled my 1st fitting session on 28th Jan 2012. I'm looking forward to it! Terima kasih kerana memahami yg customer sorang ni susah nak turun KL on weekdays, almaklum I'm working in Kuantan.

This weekend I'll be in KL, balik rumah bakal mertua dulu (ayat cover padehal rindu jumpe encik kesayangan). Bride #1 is getting engaged tomorrow. Wishing you all the best babe, I'm gonna be there!

Byk lg bende kne buat, pick up wedding cards dah siappp (yeayyerz!), dinner date with my two brothers at IKEA, morning picnic with family tunang kat dusun his dad, appointment with reception dresses designer - nak kene ukur dah gak, balik Seremban to overnight at my parents' pulak, lastly drive back to Kuantan balik.

Have a nice weekend y'all =)
B-U-S-Y!, Bride #2


  1. kite besok pun ada appointment dgn 'designer' yang buat baju resepsi. wink wink.
    take care ya bride #2

  2. hehe same2 la kte dhiera
    camne hasil appointment?