Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Bride #2 Wedding Invitation Cards

Phew! What a week it was!
I just picked up my wedding invitation cards last Sunday and was very happy. My card is the pocket series type. Total 1500++ pieces in this 5 large plastic bags:

But they are not ready to be distributed yet (Still too early anyway). There's more work to do in classy-ing it all up, to add a little extra glamour ;) hehe

LH Creative Concept did my wedding invitations (The cheapest we've found so far). A little advice to avoid bad experience with this vendor is that you yourself have to write the details clearly, confirm the correct colour and design (Check thoroughly!), and just call terus if rasa nak inform ape2. I gave them 6-pages MS Word of corrections-to-do on our 1st draft - hamek ko! Pastu seb baik dah x buat salah dah. I was quite meticulous, up to the difference of "." and ":", "j" and "J" etc.

Seriously in terms of customer service diorg x mesra alam langsung, xde senyum2 pon (But I don't mind at all - tah2 diorg mmg stress/bad mood ke kut kan), so don't be afraid to speak up, slambe je k! I guess we have to be firm with what we want. Not that I want to be fussy or what, but we have to say up front and if it's agreed, then please deliver the end result. Alhamdulillah, my dealing with them was acceptably smooth :)


  1. can't wait to see the invitation card, sure gempak...

    ~kak ina~

  2. Alamak takut! Xde la sampai gempak2, nak simple sweet with classy feel sikit je :) Nanti invitation card ni sampai kat meja office akak hehe tunggu tau