Thursday, 1 December 2011

An Introduction

Hello world.
We are D, Diyana and F.
We’ve been friends for almost 10 years.

Honestly, we're always surprised. We surprised each other with the super duper exciting announcements. And it's then we realized the three of us are getting married in the same month of June next year. D will be bride #1, followed by Diyana bride #2 and lastly F bride #3.

A personal note from me, Diyana Bride #2:
To my two bitches.
THANK YOU SO MUCH JUST FOR EVERYTHING. For everything we've been through, for the times we've shared, for sticking around since *I've lost count*. And even if we’re far away, you two will still be my closest friends. I’m so happy we’re finally doing this. Wedding preps requires a lot of time and energy. Miracle happens. Good luck to us!

To the rest of the world.
Drown with us in our delightful daydreams.
It's going to be buzzing here for sure. Busy bee.
Let us be your favourite three Bride-To-Be!

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