Friday, 27 April 2012

Taking Orders for Longchamp Le Pliage

Hey girls...

If you are interested in buying Longchamp Le Pliage, drop us an email cos we are taking orders for this new craze in town. A friend is currently on his business trip and will be making a pitstop at Longchamp outlet in London. The quoted price is as follows:

Le Pliage (Long Handle - 25 x 25 x 14cm)
Reference no: 2605089


Le Pliage (Long Handle - 31 x 30 x 19cm)
Reference no: 1899089

all images from google

You can have more selections by viewing Longchamp website.

Kindly be informed that orders will be closed on Monday, 6pm. Happy browsing! =)

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Bride #1: mellow talk

37 days to go! Fuhhh can't believe it is really happening. I've been wanting to get married since I was 22 years old. Initial plan was to end my bachelor life when I was 25, but Allah has better plans for me. 3 years down the road, here I am, planning and talking about my own wedding.

A and I had an emotional talk about how life will change once we are known as husband and wife. The responsibilities and eternal commitment to one person kinda freak me out. I can't be as carefree as I wish to. 'Wife' will take precedence over 'friend'. Some things will be different, though people keep telling me don't let the marriage change you. But I know deep in my heart, changes are inevitable. Of course, I want to be the best wife to A, one he would be proud of marrying.

Emotional talks aside, all preparations are falling into places, bit by bit. Invitation cards are ready to be collected, the flow for my nikah event looks promising, logistics aspect is close to finalization, friends and families starting to get excited. Talking about excitement, my MOH has prepared a long to-do list for yours truly and oh boy, she scared me to death! We ran through the list together yesterday over dinner and according to her, I am remotely near 'ready to be married'. I begged to differ. Things are well under control, alright. At least for now ;)

On a different note, a little shoutout to my fellow Junetastic Brides...All problems and challenges are not here to stay with us. Toughen up and look forward to brighter days. Me love you two long time! *hugssss*

Missing my sayangsss (Bride #2 and Bride #3), your sayangss (Bride #1)

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Bride #2 Wordless Wednesday 06

Yesterday, I received this DM on my twitter from a guy friend. This honest review is based on his own experience for his wedding last year. If I'm not mistaken, he hired both Rizman Ruzaini and Hatta Dolmat for his + his wife wedding attires. Nice sharing dude, thanks for the input!

So bride-to-be(s) out there, choose carefully.
XOXO Bride #2

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Wedding Nightmares

...Turn into 'dreams come true' ! :(

On Sunday evening, while watching TV, I received a call from my nikah dress designer, Amir Luqman. He told me about a lil' problem - there are stains on the dress neck area after dry cleaning. Herrrkkkkk!

He said he will cover the stains with patched lace around the neck area. In a way, I got free extra laces than original design. Oh ok, so I'm ok with it. And he said he'll deliver the dress to my fiance's house (supposedly yesterday!). However yesterday, senyap seribu bahasa, hoihh after calling several times, no answer, and it eventually switched off.

So before I went to sleep last night, I wrote a polite email as an unhappy customer, walaupun dlm hati dah panas. Woke up this morning with a reply from Azreen, Amir's assistant, Alhamdulillah. Just now at 3pm encik tunang helped to pick-up the dress at Amir's boutique. Thank God, issue resolved. Thank you for the prompt corrective action to Amir's team and encik tunang :)

Then another thing happened, the Kate Spade item that I purchased online arrived today and it is in WRONG colour! Kaler yg hideously dull pulak tu..Damnnnnn! I hate it so much :( I just want my money back!

So many real wedding nightmares lately! Dugaan nak kawen timbul, some controllable and some not controllable - the wedding cakes order got cancelled, the guy friend who decided to come out from friendzone (err..), the ex-es suddenly making contact again (duhhh!), the money issue - income tax yg x best!, overbudget items, my newly completed house, latest are hantaran items yg blom setel2 + problematic, job transfer mcm janji kosong by the company directors huhh

OK, there's no need to continue to complain...burok! Chin up, Bride #2

Friday, 20 April 2012

Bride #2 Wedding Favors

Candy + Paper Box (200)
Got the Paper Boxes for free from my wedding card vendor, LH Creative Concept, as part of the package.

Bride's Reception
Bunga Pahar - At pelamin only

VIP Guests (200) : Mug + Paper Bag + Personalized Choc Bar

Bought the Bunga Pahar, Mugs and Paper Bags at Nilai 3, as seen in the previous post.

Adults (800): Personalized Choc Bar

Kids (400): Marshmallow Pops

Ordered the Personalized Choc Bar and Marshmallow Pops from Merisik Gallery. I also get their service for all my dulang hantaran design and handbouquet. Yesterday, Amie from Merisik Gallery asked me to choose the design for my choc bar. Which one is better?

Groom's Reception
Not 100% sure because I do not handle this part, but what I know there are..
- Bunga Pahar
- Paperweight bentuk telur (Unik!), then put in clear glass
Other items kut ade lg... seriously xtau! Huhu

I'm now officially on limited budget! :( , Bride #2

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Bride #1: of body needs

As we fast approaching to the month of June, I need to start looking for the best bridal spa packages as the preparation for the big day. Whether this is a 'must-do' item in my list or it is a 'must-do' in any bride-to-be's list, I wouldn't know. But who doesn't love a little time for self-pampering session?

I'm not really a frequent spa-goer so I don't really know which one is the best spa in KL. Now, don't judge me. I love my body. But I'm quite a cheapskate when it comes to splurging on body works. I bought my spa kits from Body Shop, and a few from Soap and Glory (yay Sephora!). When you don't have any other commitments, it's okay to spend longer time in the shower. But when you are married nanti, can we still do all this? Ke patut ajak je skali husband buat DIY spa at home? =D Anywhooo, here are the list of those spas I somehow knew the existence:

Owns by local Jazz singer, one of my favorite, Sheila Majid. They have many signature spa but they didnt really specify which is suitable for bridal spa. I had my eye on their Body Glow package, sounds comforting and it costs RM320. That isn't too bad, is it?

This is the only place that I have tried and could safely say one of the best spa experience I have ever had. Their cheapest package is worth RM335 but from my last visit, they suggested that I should try the Sultana Hammam package, worth RM550. *gulp* For the same price, I can really get a pair of Steve Madden's heels which will definitely stay with me for more than 3 hours.

Tanamera offers package for head to toe treatments over a span of one month. You just need to pay RM900 and you got it all covered. I'm loving the package but time is what I don't really have. There will be a lot of ad hoc wedding works that need to be done. And to fork out RM900 for this, I'm not really sure if this is a good idea.

Found out about this place when I read an ex B2B blog. I especially love the interior (from the pictures la, don't know whether it's indah khabar dari rupa),  making it's hard to believe that it is actually located in the city. So the cheapest package they have is RM480, which covers body or spa treatment, hair cream bath/scalp treatment, manicure,predicure or facial.

How to decide if all sound so attractive? Any of you have tried any of the above? Or do you have any other places that you could recommend. Do share =)

ready to be pampered, Bride #1

Bride #2 Wedding Invitation Attachment

This is to be attached inside my pocket wedding invitation for the non-Malay-speaking guests - those mat salleh bosses and friends etc. As my invitations are fully in malay language, takut diorg tak faham pulak huhu, that is why I come out with this attachment note.

I love the chrysanthemums, so feminine and delicate. Got this free template from Printable Invitation Kits (Thanks for the post Michelle!)

Need to take a breather from work so badly, Bride #2

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Hellish Weeks No More Please

For the past two weeks, I spent more time at the office than at home. On average, I came home at 9-10 pm, worst was at 2.30 am last Saturday. Therefore, wedding preparation progress is zero! I was tired and easily irritated too. Even my period came 7 days late :( Stresss. Seri bakal pengantin pon xde dah.

Now that the project is in its final phase, last Wednesday I went for 3-hour spa and 2-hour massage sessions. Next day, period came, ahh so relieved. Yesterday, parents with my 3 sibling came to Kuantan. We went to see my new house, recently completed. My very first house, my own :) It feels good to invest in properties. However I do not know what to do with the house yet. Too busy.

Anyone interested to rent this? 4+1 Rooms & 3 Bathrooms

Parents immediately saw my DIY ribbons project as they entered my living room. My brothers asked what's this for? what's that for? when they saw items that are still in plastic bags. So Dad asked me to complete the wedding cards ASAP because they want to distribute the invitations already! Aiyakkk

Another thing is that I need to find a new cake vendor because my current one is unfortunately having problem with her pregnancy :( She is advised to rest by the doc. Oh dear...

Stress continues, Bride #2.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Bride #1: rolling again

Had an awesome 2 weeks break from work, from wedding talks, from the reality. Yupss, I just got back from my holiday in South Island of New Zealand. Magnificient view throughout, I am highly considering to migrate there. Set up a farm for sheeps and cows, produce halal meat and maybe open up halal restaurant to serve nasi lemak in Queenstown. Oh lovely dream!

Imagine to have these views before your eyes, every single day you wake up to the world.

Mom was really furious that I spent yet more money and time for the unrelated details other than the wedding. Oh Mom, I wish this vacation could happen after the wedding but for the anticipation that lasted for over a year, it was all worth it!

Having travelled to many countries, I still found my undying love for Malaysia, especially for the amount of public holidays we got! Thank you new Agong! And that should call for another wedding preparation duty.

Went to check out the price for a pair of suit for A. We asked around for quotes to have the suit tailor-made but A has minimal trust on the unproduced materials. So the best we have so far is RM799 from G2000. Excellent cut! Lucky that A's body is quite a standard size. Then, we went scouting for wedding bands, where else if not to Habib Jewels. Popped in at least 3 outlets to find out that they don't have much designs for my size (i'm a size 8-9). A is freaking out at the possibility of having my ring custom made which will  definitely go way beyond his budget hehehehe but this wife-to-be has got to be sensible. Last resort, we might settle for a pair of necklace. Boleh la kan, asalkan ade =)

I have 7 more weekends to go before the end of my singlehood. Yikes! I start to having nightmares in my sleep. MUA did not turn up, henna was not done, food was insufficient, chaos was everywhere! Phewww I hope and pray that won't happen.

The moral of the story is, listen to your mom, Bride #1

Monday, 2 April 2012

Finally... My Wedding Shoes!

I bought this 5.5 inches Capecoral Platform Pumps as my wedding shoes, weeee :) Got it from ALDO Mid Valley Gardens store yesterday. However, these show a tiny bit of toe cleavage, but not bad, and also it reminds me so much about Christian Louboutin Daffodile's as shown in my previous post. On a whim I just grabbed it along with these 2 items:

Genuine leather insoles to provide all-day comfort

Fun-fun sunglass for honeymoon

Celebrity in ALDO Capecoral Bone - Sarah Hyland

Celebrity in Christian Louboutin Daffodile - Beyonce
**Drooling** Nak yg ni sebenarnye, yg gold! Aiyayyy

Maybe I'll make the ALDO shoes as one of my hantaran items, put it together with my Kate Spade item, let them share a tray. Maknanya haruslah carik satu lagi kasut for nikah kan huhu, $$$ hmmph..we'll see how lah... Bride #2