Saturday, 3 December 2011

Meeting with the Designers

I admit in terms of coming up with the names for potential designers for my wedding dress, I have such a big taste. I first had my eyes on Hatta Dolmat, thinking maybe I could afford his designs. Got his number from his website and initiated queries on his bridal package. He was quick (or maybe it was his PA) on replying SMS-es, so yay to awesome PR. I was then informed of their package, all seem reasonable with the kind of workmanship he offers. His beading works are meticulous, nothing can ever go wrong. But this bride needs to be reasonable too. Thus, nay to Hatta Dolmat.

On to the designer numero duo. Syomir Izwa. I wanted to try him because of this dress. I think it was one of the most classic wedding dresses I have seen on the net. Contacted the ex-bride when I knew that she was willing to rent it out but later found out that she have sold it off =( So I had to resort to meeting the designer himself. Thanks to Bride #3, for teman-ing me. Love you! I was super nervous that it felt like going for my first job interview. Luckily enough, the meeting was all breezy. He showed me a sketch of my dress, which was inspired by Elie Saab couture. I was in no position to question the rate he quoted me since he had worked with so many local celebrities that it’s hard to doubt his quality of work. But it didn’t really feel like I have found the perfect designer as yet. Maybe I didn’t really feel at ease thinking I have to spend so much on a dress. And so I met the 3rd designer….

Wan and Rosix from House of Wanpa. Told you! I memang chose all the big names. Sangat tak sedar diri! *slaps forehead* It was easy liasing with these two guys as they let me choose the meeting place. Thanks to Bride #2 aka Diyana, for teman-ing me. Love you! So we met, and again I was presented with a sketch of my reception dress. It was something similar to what Syomir showed me only this time Wan suggested to use only satin chiffon and beaded lace. Hurmmm I was not convinced but I didn’t give up hope. They are still in my list, as for now. And then there was…

Najib Salman. First read about him through Liyana of SCR. Awesome PR skills, prompt at replying SMS-es. A meeting was set up on a public holiday. This time, A tagged along. First meeting was intended to be brief. He would want to see your body type, just to roughly get an idea what styles suit your body the most, only then he would come up with a few sketches. It was also the first time A saw the Elie Saab dress that I want. Sadly, he was not too keen with my selection. Surprisingly he came up with few suggestions on the detailing he wants to see on my dress. Goddd where does this guy come from? =P

From then onwards, the search to find inspirations for the reception dress continues. As not to leave you wondering how the Elie Saab dress looks like, here goes =)

If you have any questions on any of the designers mentioned above, you know the drill =)

'till then. Sloppy kisses from bride #1.

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