Friday, 30 December 2011

Bride #1: quest for invitation cards

Salam Friday to my fellow brides-to-be.

Just a short note for those who are still in search for invitation cards, do look out for promotion by marryme2u.

I love how the designs are very simple and chic. Just the right feel I'm imagining my reception would be.

However, since I have not much preparations to do on my side, I've been thinking whether I should DIY the cards. Many would say it will be a waste of time since people hardly keep your cards, let alone frame it on their wall. But I love how special each cards would be, maybe I will customize it according to the character of the recipients.

Ehhhhh got time or not??

Too ambitious, Bride #1

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Bride #2 Reception Dresses

I am excited to reveal that Khalik Mustafa is my reception dress designer for both sanding (my side) and tandang (his side). He was actually the first designer that I approached, and after meeting few other designers, I eventually came back to him. This is him:

Here are some of his dresses:

MiFW 2011


All pics are taken from his blog and facebook page

My first appointment with him was on at 26th Nov at Austin Chase, Wangsa Walk. Khalik slowly sketched the dresses in great detail while me and my fiance had our late lunch there. I love the way he developed his own imagination with strong attempt to combine with my mental imagery. After Khalik left, my fiance told me "The way he did the sketches, we can tell that he's very particular". Perfectionist - that's a plus-point overall.

Last Sunday, 25th Dec, we met for second appointment. This time we went over the 'improved' design sketches (Gosh! Impressed with the extra mile, I agreed immediately) and he took the necessary measurements. I paid him slightly more than 50% total as deposit. I need to wait until February 2012, we'll schedule our next appointment when the dresses are ready.

Brief description of my reception dresses:
Dress 1
A floor-length soft pink chiffon dress, lace layer/patch with heavy golden
beads on top. I know this is going to sound cheesy - I want to feel like a
princess wearing it! Hehe
Dress 2
Every girl needs a statement-making dress - this will be one. Made of
champagne colour duchess satin fabric with heavy duty purple + brown
embellishment and vertical ruffles bottom. Subtly sexier than the first dress.

For now I can only imagine what my eyes will see. I really hope (and pray!) the dresses will turn out great.
Hopeful, Bride #2.

Bride #1: Yay and Nay List

Kursus Kahwin: JAIS
Dressmaker: Najib Salman
Photographer: The Ace Photography
Videographer: Avicenna
Henna: Norish Henna (Phone No: 017-327 6448)

Surat Kebenaran Bernikah
HIV Test
Dress for Bridesmaids and Tray Bearers
Invitation Cards
Hantaran Items
Wedding Bands
Door Gifts for Solemnization
Thank you Tags
Other decorations Items (this could take up the whole list *sigh*)
Wedding Bands (nak Atilia, Najwa and Anuar Zain pleaseeee)

what else??? *scrathes head*

Love and light, Bride #1

Bride #1: the incidental E-day

What meant to be a small ceremony for both families, turned out to be the day I became someone's fiancee. All planning was done in merely 2 weeks, from buying the ring, getting the right dress, coordinating the guests, hiring caterer, dais maker, MUA ahh just everything. I'm not gonna talk too much on the unnecessary, so here's the details of my E-day:

Dress: White Cotton Baju Kurung, from Lemari, SACC
Dokoh: Lemari, SACC
Dais & MUA: FL-Adore
Hantaran: Home Made by Sis
Choc Favors & Mineral Bottle Label: OhMaiWedding
Brown Paper Bag: Wakim, Kg Baru
Paper Lantern & Tin Pail with Handle: The Basket Shop, Jalan Panggung
Fresh Flowers: White and Purplish Pink roses, White Eustoma, Baby's Breath, Tuberose, Gerbera
Red Velvet Cupcake: Home baked by Mom
Bahulu: Kak Rokiah, near PKNS Bangi (Phone No: 019-2118667)
Agar-Agar Kering: Impian Collection

Only one word to describe the people behind this one-of-a-kind team; awesomelyamazeballs! Haha ok I cheat, they are beyond words, always make you feel like 'home' when talking to them. I got to meet with the masterminds of this brand, Farah and Razi, and oh boy were they the sweetest souls! Farah not only helped by agreeing to do the dais within a short notice, she was kind enough to give out advice as and when needed. I would 299% recommend them to you, my fellow brides.  

The Dais
I entrusted my sister to do my hantaran and she did them all so briliantly. Thank you and love you, sista! =) The wooden trays and cage were previously used during my sister's wedding. We ordered them from our uncle who magically transformed the plain boring wood to these beautiful babies. These are all up for rent, in case you wonder. (psstt: we might be taking orders for hantaran, will reveal the details soon)

Hantaran: Sirih Junjung, Tafsir al-Quran and Baju Melayu, Perfume, Godiva Chocolates, RV Cupcake, Fruits, Agar-agar Kering

Dear Sis insisted that I should invest on door gifts for the e-day since we got it all covered up for the wedding in June (part of the Duchess Place package). I stumbled upon this site while doing my daily blog hopping. It was like "you got me at Hello" kind of relationship with this lady. She was really kind, soft spoken and most importantly prompt at replying emails. I ordered 250 chocolate chunks and 100 mineral water labels from her, all for RM205.

I have to thank Bride #2 for helping me with this. Those living outside of KL, fret not. Orders can be done online and delivered to your door step. But if you have the time, do go their shop in Kg. Baru. Negotiate to get the best price. I got mine at RM0.90 per piece. It could be cheaper but I was feeling generous since the guy was so kind showing me the ways to pack my chocolate.

Door Gifts: Mineral Water, Bahulu, Customized Chocolate, Kerepek and some with RV Cupcake

  My dress?

 I'm officially engaged, you guysssss! ;)

Ahhhh forgot to mention, my utmost gratitude to my two best friends, bride # 2 and #3 for being part of the meaningful day. God knows how much I love you two for always be there, through my ups and downs, the thick and thin, for better or worse. Hehe dah macam wedding vows ni...God, bless these two amazing souls =)

Love and light, bride #1

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Bride #3 Meeting Designers

Hello b2b :)
My very 1st attempt was with Lynda Rahim. I always admire her collections, the classy glamorous look and her customer service during my eldest sister hire Lynda for her wedding in 2009. Since I’m thinking of renting out one of her outfit so I didn’t put any expectations. Went to Lynda Rahim boutique at Plaza Damas with my sister, as I believe in her taste too and just walked in without any appointment. Welcomed us with a smile and friendly talk, eventhough she’s a Datin but her PR was superb. Somehow to my surprise, Lynda Rahim no longer provides any renting. They have 3 packages and it will custom made to design providing veil, accessories, heels and groom's attire. 1st package for solemnization L/P (RM5xxx), Reception L/P (RM6xxx), Reception extravaganza long tail etc etc (RM7xxx). Mahal mahal. I didn’t bring Mr FH but I know I should give some variety before bringing him along.

Then I came across pretty photos from photographers and saw one beautiful wedding dress. Too beautiful till I can’t think straight that it would cost a bomb. Its from Cosry. Yeah, I made an appointment with his assistant, Akmal. Arrived kinda late bcoz of the traffic and its raining. The boutique is at Bangsar, No 54 Jln Telawi 4 and totally different from the address in the website, Manala tak sesat and call cam 6 kali. Haha. Akmal welcomed us with a firm hand grip. *Sudah panic di situ* Went in and my eyes sparkles to see all the beautiful dresses. Abg Putra came and greets us. Akmal sketches few designs and Abg Putra consults the matching color and materials. At that time I’m only concern on the price actually. He quoted RM1x,xxx for 3 events (Solemnization, Reception Bride and Groom - wedding attire only + accessories + shoe ). And was told normally he charges more than RM2x,xxx for 3 events. The payment terms depends on us but deposit must be 30%. We excused ourselves and discussed in the car. FH told me that if Putra persuades him further, he surely would agree and accepted the price because of the good customer service. Well I know he’s joking. Mahal ok. Sigh.

My search continues.

Scouting Ranger, Bride #3.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Bride #2 Wedding Invitation Cards

Phew! What a week it was!
I just picked up my wedding invitation cards last Sunday and was very happy. My card is the pocket series type. Total 1500++ pieces in this 5 large plastic bags:

But they are not ready to be distributed yet (Still too early anyway). There's more work to do in classy-ing it all up, to add a little extra glamour ;) hehe

LH Creative Concept did my wedding invitations (The cheapest we've found so far). A little advice to avoid bad experience with this vendor is that you yourself have to write the details clearly, confirm the correct colour and design (Check thoroughly!), and just call terus if rasa nak inform ape2. I gave them 6-pages MS Word of corrections-to-do on our 1st draft - hamek ko! Pastu seb baik dah x buat salah dah. I was quite meticulous, up to the difference of "." and ":", "j" and "J" etc.

Seriously in terms of customer service diorg x mesra alam langsung, xde senyum2 pon (But I don't mind at all - tah2 diorg mmg stress/bad mood ke kut kan), so don't be afraid to speak up, slambe je k! I guess we have to be firm with what we want. Not that I want to be fussy or what, but we have to say up front and if it's agreed, then please deliver the end result. Alhamdulillah, my dealing with them was acceptably smooth :)

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Bride #2 Solemnization Dress Description & ++

After I had my measurements done, discussion with the designer himself, Amir Luqman, and then follow-up emails (quote, invoice, receipt) with the Chief Brand Officer, Nik M Azreen, below is the finalized description of my solemnization dress:

Colour: Pure White, Soft Pink

White Label Mini Kurung Akad Nikah
Material: Chiffon, Satin, Lace
Embellishment: Wristline beaded lace
Embellishment: Bottomline beaded

White Label Round Veil
Material: Chiffon silk
Embellishment: Beaded lace along the edge

Last week, 50% payment for the dress made easy via online. After stating my preference on our future appointments to always be on weekend, Azreen scheduled my 1st fitting session on 28th Jan 2012. I'm looking forward to it! Terima kasih kerana memahami yg customer sorang ni susah nak turun KL on weekdays, almaklum I'm working in Kuantan.

This weekend I'll be in KL, balik rumah bakal mertua dulu (ayat cover padehal rindu jumpe encik kesayangan). Bride #1 is getting engaged tomorrow. Wishing you all the best babe, I'm gonna be there!

Byk lg bende kne buat, pick up wedding cards dah siappp (yeayyerz!), dinner date with my two brothers at IKEA, morning picnic with family tunang kat dusun his dad, appointment with reception dresses designer - nak kene ukur dah gak, balik Seremban to overnight at my parents' pulak, lastly drive back to Kuantan balik.

Have a nice weekend y'all =)
B-U-S-Y!, Bride #2

Friday, 23 December 2011

Bride #2 Colour-palettes

Both Bride #1 and Bride #3 had spilled out their wedding theme colours.
Now it's my turn to feed everyone's brain.

For my side, soft pink + pure white + gold.
Soft, sweet, but not too girlish, the colours look amazing together. Me love ~aahhh

Pic taken from Bridalbar
More inspiration on Martha Stewart

How gorgeous is that? Terribly gorgeous! Hehe those teacups are darling.

For his side, brown + champagne/cream + purple.
Modern, elegant, sharp... I want to feel like that, such a boost of confidence.

Pic taken from here

Pic taken from here

Pic taken from here

The colour scheme of your wedding will influence the overall feel of your big day. Ladies, the choice is in your hands! Hehe sbb yg si lelaki slalunye bab pilih2 colour ni diorg bukan amek port sgt.

Love, Bride #2

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Apa suda jadi dgn Bride #3 ?

My health is not in a very good state during this month of December. Last week i had an unbearable headache. This week goes down with flu, fever, sore throat, yada yada yada.

While i cannot think straight, i have come out with an idea on my wedding theme. The color represents my new company logo. Bodek much? lol.  It just popped out of sudden. How can i blame this fever when it gives me idea? no?

Let see if my mum would approve them. Besides the approval, how can i pull off these colors so that it looks great and not too much. Because i want maroon,chocolate,red,orange,light orange,yellow and pink. Too much? no? hehehe.

I still haven't decide on my wedding dress either to rent or tailor made them. Boleh tak nak outsource org fikirkan design for me? sapa nak kawin ni? aduh mak takut. helppp! even i dreamt im not prepared on my wedding day. normal kah ini??? ok sambung later, eventho my bos not in but i have huge responsibility to carry, to make decisions. hehehe ;)

si demam, bride #3

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Hantaran Jewelry

Good things come in small packages.

On my E-Day last October, I got 2 rings, both were bought at KLCC:
1. Merisik ring - A Tiffany Twist narrow ring in 18k gold
Yeah I admit I'm a Tiffany's girl. When I was presented with the trademark aqua blue box from Tiffany, I can't wait to tear off that white ribbon! =) The little Tiffany’s pouch inside is cute too.

2. Engagement ring - A solitaire Hearts On Fire diamond, white gold ring
Habib Jewels is the sole agent for Hearts On Fire in Malaysia. Simple yet bold, solitaire engagement ring is a classic expression of the one true love that you will share for a lifetime. The beauty, rarity, and price of a diamond are based on the 4 Cs: Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight. Another C to consider is Certificate! (Yes, ini yg penting :p)

For my June wedding, no more ring please. I intend to get a long necklace or a bracelet. But if the necklace can be worn as either a long necklace or wrapped around the wrist as a bracelet, haa that would be super-nice eh. I always look for both modern and vintage styles when I shop. I prefer to buy item that has value for both reputation and wallet. Honestly, I love those brands that keep the same price all the time (not having sales or clearance on). Unfortunately, sume yg mcm tu luxury or designer brands ;( ohh-my $$$

I'm considering to buy something from:
Mesti yg makcik2 pelik if tengok my choice of jewelry haha. People tend to see emas berat2 kuning or diamond byk2 tu as mahal. My perception of quality may not be the same as yours. Well, different people different style. The most important thing to remember when choosing jewelry for ourselves is that we must feel comfortable. Whichever types of styles we choose to wear, always make sure that our unique personality shines through.

Xoxo, Bride #2.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Bride #2 Honeymoon Villa

Bali is our destination for honeymoon. It will be our first time to Bali. I've been to Jakarta and Bandung before, but never Bali. So that's perfect, we can have a little adventure together as a couple!

We are looking for an instantly relaxing and romantic atmosphere with emphasis on privacy and cleanliness. Both of us just want to relax, unwind, and enjoy time together. But, as Bali first timers, we also want to experience some of the Balinese culture. We decided to stay in Seminyak, a beach town in South Bali. It's much more sophisticated and laid-back than Kuta.

We are more into free-and-easy travel method. What gets me and my fiance interested are those villas with own private pool to swim in (for my guy) and mosquito net/bed canopy (for me) haha it's that easy to please us heh ;p Location is important too - the convenience of being able to just walk right out to the beach, restaurants/cafes, spa/massages and shops is definitely great. On top of all of the above, the price must be reasonable too.

 After days of reading TripAdvisor reviews, below are my personal Top 5 (random order):
So today we booked our honeymoon villa. Enquiry + booking + payment are completed in less than 2 hours. Wow, that's a great first impression, no wonder it has so many excellent reviews.

A little hint: We picked the one that do thing differently compared to other villas!

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Rent This Dress

This one piece long dress is up for rent.
It is my engagement dress, wore twice only.
Less is more with delightful classic style.
This dress is flattering and will enhance your figure, especially for petites.
It comes together with matching long veil.

Size: XS-S-M
Dress Colour: Light gray (But in pictures it will appear silver-ish)
Dress Details: Empire A-line, crumpled fabric with embossed leaves pattern and Swarovski crystal detailing
Veil Colour: Very light gray with off-white roses border
Just email me Bride #2 =)!

Monday, 12 December 2011

Bride #2 The Dresses

I've met quite a few fashion designers with my friends and my fiance. First of all, I thought up a wild imagination for my wedding dresses. Then I showed  to each designer my design style ideas and we took it from there:

Elie Saab Fall 2011 RTW

Elie Saab Spring 2011 Haute Couture

Amir Luqman 2012 Pre-collection

Carolina Herrera Origami Sleeve Shirted Gown

Most in my personal Top 5 list are new and upcoming Malaysian fashion designers, I actually prefer them because they have lots of passion and very affordable if compared to well-known couture wedding fashion designers.

Finalized design and measurements for my solemnization dress was done on 27 Nov 2011. As mentioned in my last post, my solemnization dress will be by Amir Luqman. Ok, Ok, he's not a new fashion designer at all. In fact, he's one of Malaysia's most flamboyant fashion designers who dresses up celebrities like Datin Sri Tiara Jacquelina, Datuk Siti Nurhaliza, Mizz Nina, Erra Fazira, Krisdayanti, Rossa, Atilia Haron, Noryn Aziz etc. He is a celebrity in his own right. Read more about him here.

Me and my fiance met him at his Plaza Damas boutique. He's very polite, kind and soft spoken. He gave helpful suggestions and tips for my wedding reception dresses too. Overall, the price he quoted was quite reasonable for a dress. But since I need another 2 dresses, err definitely that would be over my budget. Anyway, I have not yet received any email confirmation invoice after the appointment hmmph. Tetttt! Let's get back to the new and upcoming fashion designers again.

For wedding reception dresses, these young talented designers just started their own line, guess which one will I choose? Hehe

Khalik Mustafa
Ken Anwar
Bard Brisyam

After all the appointments, I quickly realized that fashion industry isn't all glitz + glamorous, I know it’s a lot of hard work for them. That's why I don't mind spending the money, as long as I feel I'm getting real value. I believe all Bride-To-Be-s out there are looking for really special stunning pieces, and that’s what I hope these fashion designers provide. Berdebar jugak ni ~huuuu.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Bride #2 Planning

I am desperately trying to find time to write. Supposedly I update something last weekend but then I took a look around such pigsty of a house and my writing took a back seat. Finally it is.

My guy and I got engaged last October on my birthday =), after 8 months of being together. Few weeks after that, we set our wedding date. Honestly, I can't believe we're getting married this soon haha.

I'm very much busy at work and speedy wedding preparations are ongoing too. My checklist for the wedding is 5 pages long now, version 6 some more huhu (Me being an absurdly annoying control freak and I love it!)

Our strategy is like this:
Me and fiance are setting off with the main keys of wedding prep, we increase our speed at a constant acceleration. Once we get half-way there (with solid foundation in place), we'll start decelerating, at the same rate, so that by the Big Day, we have slowed down to zero speed and just let ourselves enjoy our own wedding! Kene btul2 plan sbb mmg jenis x suke serabut last minute. Working in Kuantan does not help at all because all my wedding vendors are based in Kuala Lumpur and Seremban. Biar bersusah-susah dahulu, bersenang-senang kemudian *Doa...Amin

My Ta-da (DONE) List
My To-do (DEC/JAN) List
  • 2 x Reception Dress - Appointment set on Christmas Day
  • F&B Catering - Finalize & Booking
  • IKEA shopping for DIY wedding deco
  • Pelamin & makeup - Appointment set on New Year's Day

Fuhhh..still a long way to go.
Stay tuned for more updates, mucho love!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Wedding Theme Colour

Salam Hari Asyura to my bride-to-be(s) =)

I don't want to be reminded of how fast the time flies. It seems surreal that all 3 of us are gonna get hitched in no less than 7 months *gulp*

Anywayyy,girlsss... Have you all decided on your color theme your wedding day? Here are my various finds based on color palette that I chose for both solemnization and reception.

For my solemnization, I chose ivory white, peach and orange.

For reception, I'd go for more vibrant colors, maybe a combination of the above colors PLUS tiffany blue/aqua, hope that it could go well for the decoration of the dais. Something like these:

all photos shamelessly taken from google image =)

I might change my mind on this, if it gets difficult to think of colors to dress up the men in my life. For more color palette ideas, visit here

'till then. Sloppy kisses from bride #1!

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Meeting with the Designers

I admit in terms of coming up with the names for potential designers for my wedding dress, I have such a big taste. I first had my eyes on Hatta Dolmat, thinking maybe I could afford his designs. Got his number from his website and initiated queries on his bridal package. He was quick (or maybe it was his PA) on replying SMS-es, so yay to awesome PR. I was then informed of their package, all seem reasonable with the kind of workmanship he offers. His beading works are meticulous, nothing can ever go wrong. But this bride needs to be reasonable too. Thus, nay to Hatta Dolmat.

On to the designer numero duo. Syomir Izwa. I wanted to try him because of this dress. I think it was one of the most classic wedding dresses I have seen on the net. Contacted the ex-bride when I knew that she was willing to rent it out but later found out that she have sold it off =( So I had to resort to meeting the designer himself. Thanks to Bride #3, for teman-ing me. Love you! I was super nervous that it felt like going for my first job interview. Luckily enough, the meeting was all breezy. He showed me a sketch of my dress, which was inspired by Elie Saab couture. I was in no position to question the rate he quoted me since he had worked with so many local celebrities that it’s hard to doubt his quality of work. But it didn’t really feel like I have found the perfect designer as yet. Maybe I didn’t really feel at ease thinking I have to spend so much on a dress. And so I met the 3rd designer….

Wan and Rosix from House of Wanpa. Told you! I memang chose all the big names. Sangat tak sedar diri! *slaps forehead* It was easy liasing with these two guys as they let me choose the meeting place. Thanks to Bride #2 aka Diyana, for teman-ing me. Love you! So we met, and again I was presented with a sketch of my reception dress. It was something similar to what Syomir showed me only this time Wan suggested to use only satin chiffon and beaded lace. Hurmmm I was not convinced but I didn’t give up hope. They are still in my list, as for now. And then there was…

Najib Salman. First read about him through Liyana of SCR. Awesome PR skills, prompt at replying SMS-es. A meeting was set up on a public holiday. This time, A tagged along. First meeting was intended to be brief. He would want to see your body type, just to roughly get an idea what styles suit your body the most, only then he would come up with a few sketches. It was also the first time A saw the Elie Saab dress that I want. Sadly, he was not too keen with my selection. Surprisingly he came up with few suggestions on the detailing he wants to see on my dress. Goddd where does this guy come from? =P

From then onwards, the search to find inspirations for the reception dress continues. As not to leave you wondering how the Elie Saab dress looks like, here goes =)

If you have any questions on any of the designers mentioned above, you know the drill =)

'till then. Sloppy kisses from bride #1.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Solemnization Checklist

Ok im being nice today. Let me share the checklist.
1. Set date & time for solemnization
2. Book the place for akad nikah, tok kadi, saksi
3. Prepare all the forms
4. Book caterer and place to serve guests
5. Prepare guest list
6. Prepare outfit for bride (baju/veil/tudung/bunga tangan/accessories/crown)
7. Hantaran & theme color
8. Baju family
9. Gifts
10. Makeup
11. Photographer & Videographer
12. HIV test
13. Prepare outfit for the groom (baju melayu/sampin/songkok/shoes/socks)
14. Attend kursus kahwin
15. Inai/Henna
I google here n there to come out with this list and might left few things. U may make ur own :)

xoxo, bride #3

Creative & Nice Photos

Hi, im bride #3. Let me share my findings on the wedding photographers.
1. Preetypeektures -everyone knows they take marvelous pictures for Bunga Citra Lestari and Ashraf Sinclair's wedding. Emailed them few times and of course Min replied promptly even he's outstation in Miri. Sorry Min kacau u time keje. Hehe. Since $$$ is the barrier so im still deciding. pretty peektures principal photographer

2. - i found out about them after my cousin's wedding last year. Mesmerized with the work and their creativity in capturing the best moment allowed me to fantasy of having them for my wedding eventho i don't have any planning at that time. So u see how their pictures makes us want to get married. Ok, maybe me alone but still. Great pictures and reasonable price. Go figure! Acestudio

3. thephotolicious - they are well known. Captured Bienda's wedding, dia fadila pre-wedding and a lot more. Get to know one of photographer during my childhood friend's wedding. Female photographer. I must say im amazed. We have one thing common, her husband same hometown with my FH. Can we skip the accommodation part maybe? Check out their page. thephotolicious

While i'm still contacting few more photographers to get the best price, give it a try check out their work. You will never regret :)

xoxo, bride #3

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Bride #1

I wouldn't know what led you to this blog but from the bottom of my heart, I'm glad you found us =)

Since I'm so bored out of my wits with the never ending tasks at the office, allow me to take the liberty of introducing myself.

Hellooooo I'm bride #1 =)

I'll be the first of the bunch who will be married in June 2012. 7 months away but I'm already feeling the tense! I wonder how some brides managed to plan in just 3 months before the big day. Salute!

To this date, I have only managed to secure the venue for my reception. I knew I wanted to have it at Duchess Place from the moment A popped the question. First contact was made in September, 2 weeks after the proposal. Met up with Afzal at Duchess Place and oh boyy what a beautiful hall! I was already imagining myself sitting on the dais, feeding A the first slice of our wedding cake, dolling up in the white room =P It was there and then I decided that there was no need to look further. Good thing about their package is that it includes almost everything you need for your reception. Food (of course!), hall decorations, dais, gifts for the guests, traffic controller (to control the flow in and out of the area), 3 rooms for bride, groom & family, PA system, everything lahh...

If you need more info on the package offered by the Duchess Place, drop us an email ya! I'll be happy to assist you.

Ok girlsss, sorry that I don't really write much. Somehow I've lost the words to say. Promise you more details on my next entry k? 'till then!
Sloppy kisses from bride #1!

An Introduction

Hello world.
We are D, Diyana and F.
We’ve been friends for almost 10 years.

Honestly, we're always surprised. We surprised each other with the super duper exciting announcements. And it's then we realized the three of us are getting married in the same month of June next year. D will be bride #1, followed by Diyana bride #2 and lastly F bride #3.

A personal note from me, Diyana Bride #2:
To my two bitches.
THANK YOU SO MUCH JUST FOR EVERYTHING. For everything we've been through, for the times we've shared, for sticking around since *I've lost count*. And even if we’re far away, you two will still be my closest friends. I’m so happy we’re finally doing this. Wedding preps requires a lot of time and energy. Miracle happens. Good luck to us!

To the rest of the world.
Drown with us in our delightful daydreams.
It's going to be buzzing here for sure. Busy bee.
Let us be your favourite three Bride-To-Be!