Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Hantaran Jewelry

Good things come in small packages.

On my E-Day last October, I got 2 rings, both were bought at KLCC:
1. Merisik ring - A Tiffany Twist narrow ring in 18k gold
Yeah I admit I'm a Tiffany's girl. When I was presented with the trademark aqua blue box from Tiffany, I can't wait to tear off that white ribbon! =) The little Tiffany’s pouch inside is cute too.

2. Engagement ring - A solitaire Hearts On Fire diamond, white gold ring
Habib Jewels is the sole agent for Hearts On Fire in Malaysia. Simple yet bold, solitaire engagement ring is a classic expression of the one true love that you will share for a lifetime. The beauty, rarity, and price of a diamond are based on the 4 Cs: Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight. Another C to consider is Certificate! (Yes, ini yg penting :p)

For my June wedding, no more ring please. I intend to get a long necklace or a bracelet. But if the necklace can be worn as either a long necklace or wrapped around the wrist as a bracelet, haa that would be super-nice eh. I always look for both modern and vintage styles when I shop. I prefer to buy item that has value for both reputation and wallet. Honestly, I love those brands that keep the same price all the time (not having sales or clearance on). Unfortunately, sume yg mcm tu luxury or designer brands ;( ohh-my $$$

I'm considering to buy something from:
Mesti yg makcik2 pelik if tengok my choice of jewelry haha. People tend to see emas berat2 kuning or diamond byk2 tu as mahal. My perception of quality may not be the same as yours. Well, different people different style. The most important thing to remember when choosing jewelry for ourselves is that we must feel comfortable. Whichever types of styles we choose to wear, always make sure that our unique personality shines through.

Xoxo, Bride #2.


  1. nak tambah another 4 C which is cost. hekhek

    sebelum ni, saya suka sangat tiffany & co design. aritu pergi jusco bukit tinggi, tibe2 rasa macam tak cantik la pulak~ mungkin design yg ada tu kurang menarik kot. last2 beli dekat S&K jewellery je utk cincin risik.

  2. Tiffany & Co. ade kat Jusco Bukit Tinggi?
    Oikk new outlet ke eh..Selama ni I contact ngn org KLCC & Pavi je, nak Google la jap

  3. Just feel like dropping a comment here. Just bought my ring from tiffany as well last few weeks. But yg murah sahaja n dapat pouch like urs. Tapi the SA kind enough untuk bg I the ring box senyap2 sebab I whispered to her that was for my wedding hehe. Nice ring u got there! :)