Thursday, 31 May 2012

Bride #2 May-June Checklist

My Ta-Da (DONE) List
As mentioned in previous checklist posts:
1. Kursus Kahwin
2. Wedding Venues - Spanish Villa Poolside & His Home
3. Solemnization Dress & Veil - Amir Luqman
4. Wedding Photographer - Elinazz Photography
5. Wedding Cards - LH Creative Concept. My part is considered DONE, Mr. Fiance and our parents are still distributing...
6. Hantaran Deco & Wedding Favors - Merisik Gallery
  • To follow up with Merisik Gallery for the hantarans deco, handbouquet, personalized choc bars and marshmallow pops.
  • As expected, my parents mmg tambah lagi wedding favors, another 1000 boxes to be filled with AGROMAS Honey Kaya jar/cup and sweets. OK, whatever, thank you!
7. Honeymoon Airplane Tickets - AirAsia
8. Honeymoon Villa - Bermimpi Bali Villas
9. 2 x Reception Dress - Khalik Mustafa
Picked up the 2 dresses last Sunday. Wahhh I love the overall look of the dresses. Detailings amat byk accentuating the color and making it look very elegant. Full review after wedding lah k. I highly recommend him, he'll be Malaysia fashion world's next big thing.
10. Pelamin & MUA - Yan Andaman
11. Wedding Henna - Creative Henna Designs, to email my map to Renuka
12. Hantaran items - Please refer this post
13. DIY Wedding Deco - SSF, The Perfect Canvas & Gift For You, IKEA, yg lain2 print2 gunting2 sendiri
14. Wedding Videographer - La Televisio

Newly confirmed:
15. F&B Catering - Fadillah Irfan Caterer
16. Legal Stuff - Not much problem, settled in less than 2 weeks, all docs are now with the Jurunikah
17. Groom Attires
  • Baju melayu nikah ready-made by Omar Ali.
  • According to my aunty, his reception attires are ready for 1st fitting tp Mr. Fiance busy plak nak pegi on weekdays skrg ni, considered DONE?
18. Kompang Group & DJ - Booked by Ayah, considered DONE
19. Tudung Nikah - Decided to wear tudung for nikah, but haven't decided to wear which one yet, Pearl Haya (White) or Sugarscarf (Soft Pink)

My To-Do List (Hopefully this is last!)
1. Maid of Honour & Bestman Attires - tanye update, rase2 ok kot
2. Bunga Manggar - totally no idea haha, rasenye ni last minute
3. Road Signage - to laminate, kayu papan perlu ke? last minute jugak
4. Copy (burn) wedding songs to CDs or DVD
5. Guest Board Corner (DIY) - to design the setup, later my brother will help to arrange

Hmm others that are not in the list are family members attires, bridesmaids, table centerpieces and family corsage/button badges. Ni semua optional, I don't want to push much on these. If there's anything I missed let me know!

Dah sampai mood-asalkan-lepas, Bride #2

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Bride #2 Wordless Wednesday 09

In search of Awal & Scha pavlova @Alexis on Sunday with Mr. Fiance, we (I!) made a pit stop at Bangsar Village II - Aldo and Flight 001. Bought some new accessories for honeymoon lagi - fedora, bag and bag...'cause I can't get enough hukhuk *I feel so guilty

Most have never heard of Flight 001 (a travel product company) but many Hollywood A-listers do and for good reason. Stay organized no matter where you're going with Flight 001, so chic ;)

Batting eyelashes, Bride #2

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Junetastic Bridal Shower & Wengurls 10th Anniversary

Last Saturday, #Wengurls gathered at Zura's place. We had cosy fun! Lots of food - Domino's, KFC, Sha's fried macaroni, Zura's homemade lychee cheesecake etc.

The coolest thing is the bridal shower wishing tree! Heard that Sha (my MoH) dragged the huge curly branch into the house from a trash site nearby haha, then the gals decorated it with love awww. I love looking at pretty things :)

The gals added something special and unique to our bridal shower too. As we celebrate our 10th anniversary of friendship this year, we made a time capsule - a memory box of all the things we do today that is to be opened in another 10 years' time. Each card represents our characters, I got SB, Bride #2 got FF and Bride #3 got FL hehe.

The best part for me as bride-to-be(s) is the La Senza (Obviously!) and party favors hehe. Each of us gets one of those framed pictures arranged on the red bookshelf and pavlova by Kisses & Cream (Thanks Apid for the delicious pavlova!). It's gone within minutes when Mr. Fiance and me ate it together in the car after the bridal shower, siap esoknye Mr. Fiance mengidam nak carik pavlova Awal & Scha la plak, gi sampai Bangsar, ok that's another story...

I can't even imagine where I would be today were it not for Wengurls who have given me a heart full of joy. Let's face it, friends make life a lot more fun! C y'all at Bride #1's wedding! Sooooonnn weeee :D Cuak + excited for Bride #1!

Thank you Noran, Sha, Zura, Apid, Fira, Aleen and Ja! We, Bride #1 + Bride #2 + Bride #3 are grateful to have #Wengurls in our life.

Yours truly, SB = Sleeping Beauty, Bride #2 zzZZz...

Monday, 28 May 2012

Bride #1: the last say as a Ms.

8 months planning finally near its execution day. I'm still one hell of a fickle minded bride. This brain just have to make things more unbearable. I'd still complain but at the end of the day somehow those unnecessary burdens still found their ways to make an appearance at my wedding. There's no such thing as 40 days pantang from seeing the future husband, not even 3 days! 

I'll start my break on Thursday, taking mom to her deserved spa, doing our first rehearsal (that's 3 days away from the wedding date!), final fitting for both nikah and reception dress, meeting with the photographer. Then Friday, gonna start on packing the door gifts, I might steal some time to have my final spa session. Well, that subject to Mom's approval. She gets pretty upset seeing me running around like a headless chicken.

Ok, for now I leave you with my instagram collections on #a**d***

miss Bride #1, signing off

teeeheee shall reveal myself soon ;)

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Bride #2 Wordless Wednesday 08

Sobsss :( ... a little accident during sauna session

Day 1

Day 2

Went to see a doctor

Girls, safety first, lagi2 for those yg dah dekat sgt wedding date.
:( Scarred for life, Bride #2

Bride #1 Wordless Wednesday (stationeries)

Design set from Dear Azalea

counting the days, Bride #1

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

i miss you

Dear my beloved bride #1 and #2, and yes beloved readers. I know i have been MIA for some months.
Let me share some updates. *da mcm hantar progress report*

1 -Pelamin - confirmed. I wanted something like this but the price make no justice to my budget and wedding planner doesnt agree as he said its not suitable with the venue.

 2- Wedding cards on its way to reach my family members and family friends doorstep. Cant wait to meet the girls and distribute the card.

3- Hantaran for him and her, on its way to complete. My childhood friends wanted to sponsor the photobooth and hiasan hantaran for my side. Ok rezeki jgn tolak. Berpeluh IH when i told him i wanted T&Co.

4 - Since my solemnization process a bit complicated and as requested by my family, friends will be coming to my reception instead. Jangan ambil hati yer.

Will update more.

Getting ready for birthday celebration, bride #3

A shoutout

Of course we remember =)

Happy Birthday Bride #3!!!

Lots of love, Junajunies ;)

Friday, 18 May 2012

Carnival Wedding... THE BOMB!

Afnan Omar was one of the shortlisted photographers in my list but fate has it that I don't get to have him on my wedding day. Nevertheless, I keep my eyes fixed to all of his works, on his website, FB and of one of his many excellent pieces, this one caught my attention.

This couple is living my dream, to have such a lively wedding. Bows to Filmshotartifact for their amazing work! I could almost believe that it was done in a private barn.

One that has many dreams, Bride #1

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Tudung Nikah? Sugarscarf Awning Hijab

I bought another tudung nikah, this time it's from my favourite Sugarscarf!

The concept of my nikah attire is simple: Less is More. I just want to wear a plain awning hijab to match with the heavily beaded Amir Luqman veil. I already bought a pure white awning hijab last month from Pearl Haya, but I have worries as the awning seems round, I don't want to emphasize my round face so much hmmmph... So I think this is a valid reason for me to buy a new one eh, well just to be safe :p That is why I bought a pink-white ombre awning hijab from Sugarscarf (They don't have a pure white awning hijab in the current collection sobsss).

I've been a regular Sugarscarf customer and I have to say that I have never been disappointed in their product. Ayuni (my colleague) and me kinda hooked to the site since its beginning in 2009. I still remember at that time Eyqa (the Sugarscarf founder) was just a uni student at MMU. But look at the business now, after a lot of magazine / tv appearances, they now even have their own boutique store at Seksyen 7, Shah Alam. Wow, kudos to Sugarscarf! :D That's a whole lot of improvement. I wish I could stop by the boutique someday.

Review - Sugarscarf :: Malaysia Online Hijab Store

1. The product standard of quality is excellent. You'll get just the rigth awning measurement and attractive high quality material. Once, I ordered one hijab as a surprise gift for my FMIL, she totally loves it! (Hihi langkah memenangi hati bakal ibu mertua) x brape muda pon suka design2 Sugarscarf tau :)
2. Great service! Based on my online shopping customer service experiences with Sugarscarf, it's no fuss, no muss. You'll get prompt response on every order. Plus, all the awning hijab will be wrapped and delivered in a box, mcm dlm gambar atas ni, cantik!

1. You have to be alert for the newest collection update sebab kalau lambat sikit je, you'll see a lot of the items will be marked as "ALL FULLY RESERVED / SOLD OUT". And that always frustrate me :( Kene rajin la sket follow their facebook for latest news, promo and contest.

So which tudung nikah should I wear? The pure white or the pink-white ombre? Apa kata mak andam? Honestly, memang x tau lagi. An element of surprise. So tungguuuuuu ~ 16th June k!

Oh sugar sugar, Bride #2

P/S - This review is submitted to Sugarscarf.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Bride #2 Wordless Wednesday 07

So it is exactly one month to go until my big day! Please save the date!

Another ongoing DIY project:

Almost wordless but for now word-less, Bride #2

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Bali Honeymoon Itinerary

There are so much planning in my mind right now. Sent this proposed itinerary for his review, I think he probably will just say "Ya go ahead" "Do whatever makes you happy" because he's just too busy at work. But one thing he said to me upon confirmation of our tour driver this afternoon - "Just ensure that plans don't go over budget too much" Gegegege baik encik, lemah dengar huhu

Can you tell I'm excited for the honeymoon? Hikhik, Bride #2

Monday, 14 May 2012

Bride #1: sew nice!

Was doing my usual trip to wedding sites, looking for inspirations when I stumbled upon this site.

Attention pretty much diverted to decoration details for our love nest. We are yet to decide the theme for the house but knowing A's extreme interest at keeping the house neat and presentable, I foresee a breezy process for decision making.

And that brought me to another DIY work for my wedding reception. Please pray for a successful attempt at making these letter pillows:

image from here

Not your-average seamstress, Bride #1

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Bride #2 Pelamin & MUA

All are finalized with my aunt and her business partner. They are Yan Andaman. They will do all 3 pelamin and be my MUA for all 3 events - nikah, reception my side and reception his side. And for these, me and my fiance went over budget, +/- RM1k more than original budget.

Below are some pics to depict our finalized pelamin designs, not exactly the same because we change few bits and of course, put colours according to my wedding colour-palettes. The best parts are all the fresh flowers and big foam roses :)

Mini Pelamin Nikah

Pelamin Reception My Side

Pelamin Reception His Side

As for my makeup for the big day events, I trust my aunt to give great end results. She did my makeup for my E-Day last October, here are our pics during makeup session, my aunt and me:

Already made full payment for these. Lega dah setel bab ni.
Oh berbunga hati walaupun poket bocor, Bride #2

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Bride #1: the last 'all singles' getaway =(

It was the most exciting yet heartbreaking weekend with my three best girlfriends from high school. Exciting cos it was like celebrating our decade long of friendship but heartbreaking knowing that that was the last vacation with all of us being 'unmarried'.

Not being the good one at surprising people myself, I always fell for it. And this time, it was not an exception. Apparently, one of them had accidentally mentioned the plan over the dinner we had last week. Guessed I was so occupied with my banana leaf rice to even care what she was saying. And so on Saturday, I still had no clue on where they were taking me. My best bet; either Avilion PD or The Dusun. I was more inclined towards the former since one of us has a specific 'condition' towards an-all-girls getaway. Unknowingly to me, the latter was our ultimate destination, the one that I've been dreaming to go. =')

I knew it right there and then that the place wouldn't disappoint us. Such a serene and wonderful place. Definitely a true gem in the middle of 'dusun'.

Felt totally blessed with the amazing time spent with the girls. The water gun battle in the pool, a big hearty BBQ dinner at the patio, the torturing games, the specially-designed sash for moi, the exclusive badges for all 4 of us and those reminiscing moments; I will keep them all close to my heart.

Thank you APZ, for these memories, for just being amazing, for everything.

Love is in the air, Bride #1