Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Bride #3 Meeting Designers

Hello b2b :)
My very 1st attempt was with Lynda Rahim. I always admire her collections, the classy glamorous look and her customer service during my eldest sister hire Lynda for her wedding in 2009. Since I’m thinking of renting out one of her outfit so I didn’t put any expectations. Went to Lynda Rahim boutique at Plaza Damas with my sister, as I believe in her taste too and just walked in without any appointment. Welcomed us with a smile and friendly talk, eventhough she’s a Datin but her PR was superb. Somehow to my surprise, Lynda Rahim no longer provides any renting. They have 3 packages and it will custom made to design providing veil, accessories, heels and groom's attire. 1st package for solemnization L/P (RM5xxx), Reception L/P (RM6xxx), Reception extravaganza long tail etc etc (RM7xxx). Mahal mahal. I didn’t bring Mr FH but I know I should give some variety before bringing him along.

Then I came across pretty photos from photographers and saw one beautiful wedding dress. Too beautiful till I can’t think straight that it would cost a bomb. Its from Cosry. Yeah, I made an appointment with his assistant, Akmal. Arrived kinda late bcoz of the traffic and its raining. The boutique is at Bangsar, No 54 Jln Telawi 4 and totally different from the address in the website, Manala tak sesat and call cam 6 kali. Haha. Akmal welcomed us with a firm hand grip. *Sudah panic di situ* Went in and my eyes sparkles to see all the beautiful dresses. Abg Putra came and greets us. Akmal sketches few designs and Abg Putra consults the matching color and materials. At that time I’m only concern on the price actually. He quoted RM1x,xxx for 3 events (Solemnization, Reception Bride and Groom - wedding attire only + accessories + shoe ). And was told normally he charges more than RM2x,xxx for 3 events. The payment terms depends on us but deposit must be 30%. We excused ourselves and discussed in the car. FH told me that if Putra persuades him further, he surely would agree and accepted the price because of the good customer service. Well I know he’s joking. Mahal ok. Sigh.

My search continues.

Scouting Ranger, Bride #3.

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