Friday, 23 December 2011

Bride #2 Colour-palettes

Both Bride #1 and Bride #3 had spilled out their wedding theme colours.
Now it's my turn to feed everyone's brain.

For my side, soft pink + pure white + gold.
Soft, sweet, but not too girlish, the colours look amazing together. Me love ~aahhh

Pic taken from Bridalbar
More inspiration on Martha Stewart

How gorgeous is that? Terribly gorgeous! Hehe those teacups are darling.

For his side, brown + champagne/cream + purple.
Modern, elegant, sharp... I want to feel like that, such a boost of confidence.

Pic taken from here

Pic taken from here

Pic taken from here

The colour scheme of your wedding will influence the overall feel of your big day. Ladies, the choice is in your hands! Hehe sbb yg si lelaki slalunye bab pilih2 colour ni diorg bukan amek port sgt.

Love, Bride #2


  1. suka sgt pallet warn ayang 1st tuh..sweet jer..
    salam kenal juga...

    do vote me at

  2. Mmg nakkkkk sgt buat mcm tu..
    Brg2 combination exactly colour2 tu susah sikit nak jumpe, dpt sikit2 pon jadi lah

  3. memang lelaki tak amek port pun~ jenuh suh decide tema bertandang tp tak decide2 pun~

  4. Hehe seb baik dhiera punye wedding bulan 11 ek, so skrg just make sure awal taun dpn kne gak decide. Belah dhiera colour ape?

  5. itu la pasal~ belah dia buat bln 12. lewat sebulan. tema dekat rumah kita shade of yellow+white+champagne.. hekhek. kuning warne diraje la konon ye.. hekhek