Thursday, 29 December 2011

Bride #2 Reception Dresses

I am excited to reveal that Khalik Mustafa is my reception dress designer for both sanding (my side) and tandang (his side). He was actually the first designer that I approached, and after meeting few other designers, I eventually came back to him. This is him:

Here are some of his dresses:

MiFW 2011


All pics are taken from his blog and facebook page

My first appointment with him was on at 26th Nov at Austin Chase, Wangsa Walk. Khalik slowly sketched the dresses in great detail while me and my fiance had our late lunch there. I love the way he developed his own imagination with strong attempt to combine with my mental imagery. After Khalik left, my fiance told me "The way he did the sketches, we can tell that he's very particular". Perfectionist - that's a plus-point overall.

Last Sunday, 25th Dec, we met for second appointment. This time we went over the 'improved' design sketches (Gosh! Impressed with the extra mile, I agreed immediately) and he took the necessary measurements. I paid him slightly more than 50% total as deposit. I need to wait until February 2012, we'll schedule our next appointment when the dresses are ready.

Brief description of my reception dresses:
Dress 1
A floor-length soft pink chiffon dress, lace layer/patch with heavy golden
beads on top. I know this is going to sound cheesy - I want to feel like a
princess wearing it! Hehe
Dress 2
Every girl needs a statement-making dress - this will be one. Made of
champagne colour duchess satin fabric with heavy duty purple + brown
embellishment and vertical ruffles bottom. Subtly sexier than the first dress.

For now I can only imagine what my eyes will see. I really hope (and pray!) the dresses will turn out great.
Hopeful, Bride #2.


  1. dua2 pun buat dengan dia ye.. dah lega sikit kan?

  2. Yup 2-2 terus..dress dah setel,mmg lega sikit
    Nak lega byk2 pulak pls, oh June~