Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Guestbook for His Side

To be honest, I almost forgot about his-side guestbook!
Haishh awal2 tu sibuk sgt berangan majlis belah my-side je, kene jugak pikirkan utk belah si dia..
He is a very simple man, so I chose a simple sweet guestbook for him.

A set of:
1 Scrapbook +
5 Photo Corner Stickers +
3 Craft Scissors +
7 Rainbow Metallic Pens (Blue, Green, Orange, White, Yellow, Purple, Pink)

I get them all via online from Gift For You . Many designs available, check them out.

Love. Forever. Bride #2

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

For-Him Update

I just bought this for my man, FarmaCell Slimming Cotton T-shirt for him to wear underneath his baju melayu nikah weee, cover sikit perut ye encik ;p

His Ralph Lauren hantaran items (sweater and shirt) have arrived last Friday, he's got nice stuff to wear during honeymoon already:

Other than buying things online, I'm just so busy with project at work, DIY-ing the wedding invitation's ribbon (650 out of 1500 are completed - sooo slooow)... and a bit of lazy here and there, Bride #2

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Bride #1: the 'paper' work

Glad that I could finally make up my mind on this. Initially I wanted to get it done with CahayaKad. Amazing artworks, but does not seem amazing to my wallet. I requested for the cards to be bilingual for the benefit of my non-Muslim colleagues but sadly the additional cost for this was so beyond my budget. I fell in love with their Kapas design but then so sayang to spend so much on a card which people hardly keep, kan?

I resorted to this design, from I Like Card:

Requested for the quotation for the above card and yet it was still out of my budget. Thus, with my minimal skills in designing, I came out with something similar using Power Point. Hahahaha I know, it's an ultimate epic failure. But the best thing, it costs me RM0.70 per card, including envelope *pats head*

And for save the date card, again, I used Power Point and created this:

On to the thank you tags, I got my inspiration from a fellow B2B, Kina. Haven't started on anything yet since the paper puncher just arrived earlier today. I really hope it will turn out good.

Just something to ponder, wedding on a budget is really possible. You just have to do plenty of research, make use of available resources and most importantly, know what you want. There's a lot of useful websites out there to help you decide what's best for your own wedding. I know looking at those grand wedding pictures can get pretty overwhelming. Bottomline is, wedding is just a day affair, marriage is a lifetime. Plan wisely.

Learnt her lesson, Bride #1

Bride #1: the progress

Sometimes I don't get why my mom needs to worry about the wedding, AT ALL TIME. At every opportunity she gets to talk about the preparation, she constantly reminded me that there's so much things to be done while I, on the other hand, can't seem to think of what are those things -__-

I'd like to think that my speed at preparing for the big day is quite sluggish. Slow but progressively looking good in time. Since the last update,

HIV Test
Dress for Bridesmaids and Tray Bearers
Invitation Cards
Hantaran Items (Bride)
Door Gifts for Solemnization
Bridesmaids' Special Gift
Food tasting #1
Design Pelamin
Surat Kebenaran Bernikah
Hantaran Items (Groom)
Wedding Bands
Door Gifts for Solemnization
Thank you Tags
Wedding Playlist
Dessert Table Arrangements
Kids Corner
Hantaran Cake
And I need to start looking for dulang hantaran and decide on which fresh flowers to be used. Hoihhhh banyak pulak benda nak kena buat!
OK, fine. Mom, you are right, Bride #1

Monday, 19 March 2012

What to wear on honeymoon?

Ohhh this is the fun part! Whenever I want to go on a holiday, I have a habit to buy new clothes and shoes. Reason: I want to avoid wearing the same clothes as in past pictures (Normal? Or is it just me?). So for the past few days I bought some new clothes for honeymoon, including this one that makes encik tunang excited + happy with big evil grin *oh-no gasp! ... Men~ huh

And guess what I found! The Lisa Surihani post wedding yellow dress! For only RM26!! Good to know that she's not the kinds of high maintenance women 24/7 ;D Cayalah Lisa. Sweet. Mix and match is my thing, for me there's no harm to mix luxury high end + low-end, style on a budget, asalkan cantikkk!

 A Lisa Surihani fan sikit2 kot hehe... Bride #2

Friday, 16 March 2012

Captured Emotion

This picture was taken on 21st May 2011, the first ever wedding that we attended together as a couple. Today, looking at the wedding countdown ticker, in just 3 months' time, we'll be sitting next to each other on our own wedding dais... insyaAllah.

How time flies... Bride #2

Bride #1: for the sweet tooth

Looking at my to-do list, this month, there's a lot of finalization works that need to be done which includes the wedding cake design. I know I don't need to look further as I have always admired these two people who did an amazing job in cake decorating. They are Pearl Cakes Events and my very own good friend, Ayesha

Unfortunately, I wont be able to personally hire them to do my wedding cake as this is also included in the package by Duchess Place. Thus, these are for the feast of the eyes:

Recognize this? =)

I want this!

Pretty purple hues...

Considering to order this for hantaran cake... Pretty aren' they?

Ayesha @ Bite Me

ok, so this will be my cake topper...

Boleh DIY. Yes!

Feeling inspired, Bride #1

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Bride #2 Wordless Wednesday 05

I've had it on my wish list for so long now! So one of my hantaran trays will be Fujifilm Instax Camera + Leather Case + Films. I seriously couldn't resist the cuteness of these, I'll carry it around during my honeymoon later (sudah berangan hehe)

Easily excited over the little things in life, Bride #2.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Bride #1: Bobbi Brown Make Up

I have one empty tray waiting to be occupied. Initially, wanted to get a pair of good high heels. Searched high and low for those that is favorable to wedding fund but I found nothing that I really like.

And so I decided to get a full make up set from Bobbi Brown. I've been wanting to try this product ever since I know how to hold a brush. It's about time to switch from those drugstore make up brand to something more, erm, appropriate. Plus, A has given a green light! He should know that this starting to take up a portion of my monthly spending, right?? ;)

Did some research and these are my favorites:

A good friend is going to States soon. Looks like I have a long email to write =)

Find your favorites here

A new fan of BB, Bride #1

Monday, 12 March 2012

Face & Body Spa (Must-Haves!)

It is important to look and feel wonderful on the wedding day. Spa is an ultimate way to reduce pre-wedding stress while it rejuvenates the mind, body and soul. So I decided to sign up for a spa package at my usual waxing place - Butterfly Beauty House. Nurul, the home spa owner, gave me a good deal as I've been a regular customer since last year ;) Thanks hehe. Below is my 3x bridal spa package, I plan to start in April:

For facials, I go to Charis Beauty Centre. They are very dedicated to look after my skin since Feb last year. Early this month I got 'scolded' because of the Estee Lauder serum that I added to my daily regime. Although no more dryness, the excessive moisture found in my skin is not good for long term because the serum ingredients are too rich for me and causing acne. They asked me to just stop or use it on alternate days only... Ololo...ok...tsk tsskk. Anyhow, I'm impressed that they can easily detect the changes of my skin condition - I was bombarded with questions until they discovered the fact, xleh nak tipu k! Huuuu

To ease the redness and irritation after facial extractions, they recommended this product (Environ’s Intensive Antioxidant Gel), and it works..Thank God! The small zits disappeared.

Wish I had a baby soft and glowing skin... Bride #2

Friday, 9 March 2012

Bride-to-be Must-Haves!

I definitely believe in SPANX! It helps women look red carpet ready under any dress, women of all sizes and shapes can look flawless all year long. However, it's not my daily necessity because I'm not that rajin to wear it often huhu. I now have 2 SPANX-s :)!

1. Newly bought for the big day!
Item Name: Slimmer & Shine Strapless Slip
Size: S
Colour: Rose Gold

2. I wore this on my E-Day, bought the nude colour (this one in the picture is for my bff Noran)
Item Name: In-Power Line Super Higher Power
Size: A
Colour: Black

Both purchased from the sisters, newly-wed Kerry and Kathy.

*Thumbs Up* for SPANX, Bride #2

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Bride #2 Catering & Canopy

Booking is confirmed, my parents paid RM1k as deposit to Fadillah Irfan Caterer. They will provide:
Nikah Catering 100 pax
Reception Catering 1500-1700 pax
Meja Beradab
Arabian canopies, uniformed waiters, buffet + round tables, all covered chairs, fans, chinaware + glassware, deco: chandelier, fresh flowers etc. etc. etc.

The biggest part of the wedding budget went to this... $$$!

(-_-)'... Bride #2

Monday, 5 March 2012

His Wedding Shoes

Mr. Fiance updated me yesterday that he just bought his wedding shoes. Amboi groom-to-be lebey advance than bride-to-be nampaknye. He said he found the shoes at Polo Haus Concept Store at KL Festival City. Below are the piccas sent via whatsapp last night:

Hey Mr. wait till I get mine! - Bride #2

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Very busy and no time to prepare?

Had a chat with my big boss. Suddenly he gave million dollar questions. Asked about my wedding preparations. Yeah, he's aware that im getting married. Before i able to answer him, he guessed "Very busy and no time to prepare?". I replied with a smile to agree with him.

Therefore here goes my checklist( i hope to get it done 1 month before)

Wedding checklist:-
Done List
1) Set date n time for akad nikah - done
2) Book dewan nikah, tok kadi, catering - partially done
3) Dresses - done
4) HIV test - done
5) Tempah gubahan hantaran - done
6) Tempah kad kawin - done
7) Doorgift - done
8) Photographer - done
9) Tempah handbouquet - done
10)Henna - done
11)MUA - done
12)Baju family - done

To do List
1) Tempah thank you tag
2) Buy hantaran items for him
3) Submit borang nikah, etc
4) VIP doorgifts
5) Pay depo catering nikah
6) Fitting
7) Follow up with caterer (design pelamin,entertaiment etc)
8) Guestlist

Long way to go. Yeah we can do it!!

Bride #3