Saturday, 16 March 2013

Hantaran Trays Design

I'm in the mood for hantaran trays lately because I need to complete a set of it as my wedding present for my brother. The happy couple will be married end of this month. Last night I managed to complete all 5 trays (with my husband as my little helper hehe). This is actually my 3rd time of doing hantaran trays - 1st was for my E-Day, 2nd was for my brother's E-Day. I'm getting better at it, I think. These are completed in an hour only haha. If there are any brides out there looking for gubahan hantaran trays service, I'm willing to do it at a very reasonable price! Just contact me :)
All the raw materials for the hantaran trays are bought at Nilai 3 last weekend, total cost around RM170 (exclude silver trays cost). I do not use fresh flowers here as I don't want to risk the rush on the night of the big day itself. As kakak pengantin, I think there will be lots of other things that I need to assist at the last minute. Well, just in case.
Having said that, that's why I did not do my fresh flowers wedding hantaran trays myself. Ikutkan hati mau, but then takkan bride herself nak bersengkang mata siapkan hantaran sendiri di malam hari hihi. So for my wedding last June, I ordered my fresh flowers hantaran trays from Merisik Gallery, both for me and the groom. It costs me RM70 per tray, 5+7 = 12 trays x RM70 = RM840. Haishhh, harga tu mmg rasa nak buat sendiri kannn! But thankfully, Merisik Gallery delivered beautiful trays design as I expected them to be, so no headache there, recommended. Complaints I have on them are that the hand bouquet that I ordered, huhh the "fresh" flowers already lebammm, burokk, ended up x pakai langsung, membazir RM100! And their service was not friendly like other vendors - known problem before I approach them anyway (my husband and a friend who used their service felt the same way too). Thank god my MUA team made one hand bouquet for me, very fresh and pretty, so I used that one instead.
5 hantaran trays design from Merisik Gallery + 2 extra trays by groom's aunty

For Him - 7 hantaran trays design from Merisik Gallery
Honest and true, Bride #2.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Bride #2 1st Anniversary Plan

Hello March.
Believe it or not, it's 9 months already, that's almost a year since the wedding. Weee!
Happy news that Bride #3 is a Mom now :D congrats dear! and Bride #1 will be one really really really soon!

As for Bride #2 (Me), she has to overcome her fear of losing freedom first as how she overcomes the fear of being committed to just one man haha. To me personally, the idea of raising another human being is tough. To be a great mom, I have to admit I question myself a lot..hmm promise I'll be ready one day :)!
Let's move on to a more interesting topic. The 1st anniversary. Well, I'm super excited over this bacause me and my man have decided to go for weekend getaway celebration in June. Flights and resort are confirmed and fully paid, I just need to patiently wait for another 3 months tho' -___- . Next is to plan what we can do together to make the day memorable. Maybe a romantic dinner over clear ocean waters? couple spa treatments? Ahhhh~

(All pics are taken from the resort website)

How do/will you celebrate your first anniversary? Share with me the stories and tips.
Live, love, cherish, Bride #2.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Bride #1: Pregnancy Updates

How far along?
31 weeks and 4 days!

Total weight gain:
Have gained quite regularly at each check-ups. Now weighed at 67kg, phewwww! Don't think A could carry me -__-

Maternity clothes:
None. Recent hauls were these comfortable pants from Zara, M size and a white top from Mango, L size. Could still fit, yay!

Stretch marks:

Experienced first heartburn last night and probably the Braxton Hicks contraction. I don't know. But it did feel like my period cramps. And that stole my sleeping hours >_<

Best moment this week:
Last night, Solat Hajat with hubby.

Miss anything?
Wearing high heels

Very active, Alhamdulillah

Food cravings:

Anything making you queasy or sick?
The heartburns. Sobsssssss

Surprise surprise :)

Labour signs:

Nothing so apparent.
Belly button in or out?

Wedding rings on or off?

Happy or moody most of the time:
Ermmm a bit of both

Looking forward to: 
Loooooonnngg holiday. Woooohooooo! Happy Chinese New Year! 

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Bride #1: All other Wedding Details

Dessert table.
What's on it: assorted Malay kueh from Mom's friend, cupcakes from Wondermilk and Blueberry Cheese Tart from Glory Bites. Food labels and banner from Dear Azalea.
Invitation Card & Door Gifts.
Both from LH Creative.
Paper Lanterns.
Bought from Shajaratul Design. These are up for rent/sale. Email for more info.
Guest Book
Sketched and designed by my dear friend.
DIY ribbon strips photobooth, instax camera and film from Saffawati's Blog, other stationeries from Typo.
still on 'it', Bride #1

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Bride #1: Commencing the House Projects

As we speak, both A and I are currently maintaining two houses, 'The Love Nest' and the one where we have a loyal tenant for almost 3 years. We are in the midst of letting go the latter to buy a landed property, hoping that that will be for the family expansions. Thus, location and facilities offered are very very important. For weeks we have been scouting around to find the one that suits our budget. Staying at a place within 20km radius from both offices, less than 10mins drive to major places in the city (minus the traffic of course), we can't afford to compromise the privileges.
Here's the thing, most landed houses in our area are reaching millions even at their selling prices. For ones that could really fit into our budget are super far, from work, from my parents' place, from civilizations (ok, I'm a bit exaggerating here). A got worried at the thought when he somehow left something at home and had to make a trip back from the office. 60km per trip? Phewwww can't imagine doing that for the rest of our working life...
But really, why rush when you are only starting your family now right? Told A that maybe we can put buying another property on hold. We could try to make 'The Love Nest' as homely and baby-friendly as we want it to be.
So now, it is time for house make-over! I always love bedroom with hardwood flooring. Think this gonna top the list. Some inspirations I got from the www.
Know any good contractors?
ID wannabe, Bride #1

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy 2013! (Dresses for SALE)

Dear readers, on behalf of The Junetastic Brides, I would like to wish y'all Happy New Year 2013!
Especially for those bride-to-be-sss of 2013 out there, the passing days are going to get more and more meaningful. On a budget? It can be tough too, budget wise, you will get more and more demanding about what you get for your money. You should be, which is why I've got little offers on my wedding dresses. I want to sell them out because I don't know when and where I would wear them again. You can save big bucks, price ranging from RM1200-RM1500 for each (Trust me, that's more than 50% off its original price). The dresses are all in good condition as they're worn once or twice only. Size is a bit of problem hmm because all are customized to my body - so buyers with petite little body are my perfect target market hehe.

Just to make it clear, the dresses are perfect for these vital stats:
Bust: 30"-34"
Waist: 23"-26"
Hip: 32"-36"
Height: 148cm-162cm
But I don't mind if you really really want to try the dress on first just to make sure you look nice wearing it.
Here are the pics for the 3 dresses. Leave a comment here or email junetastic.brides if you are interested k :)
Dress 1
Designer: Amir Luqman

Dress 2
Designer: Khalik Mustafa

Dress 3
Designer: Khalik Mustafa

Last but not least, have fun preparing for your big day, and have a great, chic year ahead!
Lots of love, #Bride 2.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Bride #1: now a mother-to-be

Alhamdulillah, all praises to Allah, now A and I are counting down the weeks to welcome a new member to our family. I have survived the torturous 1st trimester with flying colours. Apart from the gagging from teeth brushing and the heartburns, I guess my morning sickness was not so severe. I could still eat like a normal person, not that it has increased my food intake. The cravings I had from this pregnancy (so far) was nothing like it would make A go crazy. I only had the sudden urge to eat Hometown Yong Tau Foo and Maggi Goreng Bestari in Hartamas. Would you even call that cravings? Pfffffttttttt! I guess the baby is just like the mommy, choose logical over nonsensical.
The one thing about being pregnant that stroke fear in me is the appearance of stretch marks. In a vain attempt to combat this, I am vigorously applying the Bio Oil AND Clarins Stretch Mark Control all over my boobs, tummy and hips. Thank God for these two weapons! Heard that Daphne Iking swore by Clarins Stretch Mark Control and she has zero lines on her tummy (no, we are not best friends that I said it cos I have seen it). But anyway, at 24 weeks I cant guarantee that I'll survive this pregnancy stretch marks-free but at least I'm doing something.
Will be sharing more on my pregnancy journey at next posts. 'till then, enjoy the rest of your 2012 with your loved ones ;)
Baby A in the making, Bride #1