Thursday, 19 January 2012

Bride #1: THE dress

Pursuant to this post, I finally decided to engage Najib Salman to design both solemnization and reception dresses. I was very clear with what I want for the former, something simple with more details on the sleeves and chest. But when it comes to selecting what kind of design is suitable for the latter, I became one heck of a fickle-minded bride. I,first, wanted to don songket, either in clean white or gold. Then I saw Bella's dress in Breaking Dawn and fell in love with its sleeves AND the exposed back. But A is never keen on much exposed skin and I'm going to respect that. What A wants, A gets. I specifically told Najib to still try to incorporate the infamous sleeves to his sketches. I know most of the B2B have talked about this Carolina Herrera gown, I'm just one of the admirers (and a hopeful I-want-to-be-Bella girl ;) )

The challenge with this design is to find the perfect lace so that it looks somewhat 'belong' with the overall design. The more I think of how the dress will look like, the more unsure I am with the outcome. Not that I ever doubt Najib's capabilities, but it's just one of those moments where nothing feels right. You just want to do and plan everything all over again.

What one needs to do when faced with stressful time like this? Called your best friends for an urgent between-life-and-death meeting. That's right baby! And so I consulted my MOH and assistants MOH (really, how can you choose only ONE MOH when you have 16 BGFF???) showing them the alternative dress which I memang like since the beginning but never have the courage to actually 'make' the dress. Upon getting the nods of approval, I emailed Najib and said "You are going to kill me but Najibbb I think I wanna change the design of my dress. I might be the most fickle minded bride you have ever met but I really really appreciate your expertise on this"

THIS dress is shamelessly inspired from Elie Saab's pronovias collection. I have always been a fan of his (and Marchesa, but we don't want to be OTT with all the intricate tulle designs, do we?). If only he is here in Malaysia, I might just pop into his boutique the next day I know I'm getting married =)

I hope and pray that this is IT. I need to move on and not think about this especially not when I need to focus on the next thing in list, i.e favors and decorations.

Hoping to be Elie Saab-ed, bride #1

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