Monday, 16 January 2012

Bride #2 DIY Challenge: Ribbon on Pocket Invitation

90 rolls of dark gold satin ribbons purchased from SSF. I'm adding ribbons on my wedding cards. What I need now is patience. I have total of 1500++ pieces to complete, 125 are completed, 1400 to go! Oh my my!

But I never liked my ribbon bow and found it challenging to follow instructions on the Internet. I've tried, tried, and tried again, and I'm still "bow stupid". Until I was like Ahh-Whateverrr haha. Asalkan buat sume ni for the glory of love ;)

My next DIY challenges would be the guestboard (instead of guestbook) and thank-you tags.

Ribbon beginner, Bride #2


  1. looks exlusive!keep it up gulrz!

  2. Thank youuuu ladies :) semangat sket nak siapkan lg 1400 hoho

  3. Hi dear, may I know u buat ur card dekat mana? i love the design so much

  4. Tq, design simple but has a classy feel to it ;)
    I buat kat LH Creative Concept ( Jln Pudu

  5. comelnya awakkk .
    Awaakkkk ..
    saya dah followwww awak .
    Jom follow sy balik ! ^___^ boleh sharing kan ?