Sunday, 8 January 2012

Saturday Shopping

What a "great" Saturday this particular weekend. Because I finally got the chance to pamper myself (and my car too) after few weekends of driving + traveling here and there + sun and rain + meeting people. I went for my monthly facial session, then I went shopping $$$, and now I'm totally broke! Because of theseeeeeee, abeslah encik kesayangan bising sbb wife-to-be amat boros:

I've been using Dermalogica since February last year, sejak menjak kenal si dia lalu nak prepare for our engagement, buat alasan nak cantik masa E-Day kene la start gune complete range of beauty products and sign up for intensive facial course..kann. Since then I have never look back, and continue with more. Before, I hardly stay on one brand for long. To those in Kuantan, seriuss facial session kat Charis Beauty Centre ni amat best, Dermalogica's product range pon best! My skin has improved a lot, but not perfect yet, that's why la kene continue (again...ini alasan! huhu). Tadi beli brg2 yg dah nak habis - PreCleanse and UltraCalming Cleanser, and I've signed up for another facial course - CNY Promo 3x+2x for RM988, normal price 1x without package is RM328. Haa cukup2 sampai my wedding in June.

This is my 1st Pengantin magazine sejak start for wedding preps. At first I wanted to grab Glam magazine, but this month's issue is all about men la pulak, x best lah. So I took Pengantin magazine instead. Korang dah beli ek? Saye ni lambat sket huhu, jommm bace before tdo ;)!

More on my "beauty investments" for everyday use are the Estee Lauder and Loreal (ye, sy sudah tua ;P) products, burnt another huge hole in my pocket! I've been looking to try compact foundation and concealer from Estee Lauder and Dior as I've trusted these 2 brands for years. Plus, both Estee Lauder and Dior packaging are always classy, :) sesswaii sgt kalau nak buat hantaran, unfortunately I won't be receiving beauty/makeup set on my big day. But tadi tak sempat langsung ke kaunter Dior, sudah rembat sume ni kat Estee Lauder, tak mampu dah pastu, maybe next time oh my Dior... heeee

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  1. wah..bestnye shopping sakan...xpe, anggap le sbg reward..ayat cliche perempuan ;)

  2. Mmg best shopping! ..Masa membayar je la yg x best
    Skrg bercantik utk diri sendiri, lpas ni utk husband, pahala tu, btul x? ;P
    I envy those yg naturally kulit cantik mulus, mesti x perlu berhabis sgt, lucky them

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