Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A Productive Long Weekend

End of a four day weekend. I have to say I'm pretty impressed with myself in 'burning' cash ~wusshhhh $$$ gone just like that hoho. Here are points to summarize my days:


9 out of 10 Wengurls

Me + Bride #1 + Bride #3 + 6 others (One couldn't make it) gathered for a cozy morning bachelorette party at the Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie. Fira is our lovely bride-to-be, her wedding will be in March. Later, five of us continued our day at Pavilion. We had fun fun fun :D!

Bride-to-be Fira

Kanak2 riang, umur 28, my God! Haha

I was looking for the wedding shoes. Remember the Stuart Weitzman shoes from previous post, I found two of them, Vevey and Glitterswoon (both are latest collection) - Price tagged RM1800 and RM1450 each, whoaaa I thought $398 supposedly around RM1300, not RM1800 -__-" . My bridesmaid said it's too much to spend for shoes, yeahh I agreed. We also entered Vincci+ (Fira found her wedding shoes here, gorgeous!), Nine West, Aldo and Rockin Reptile. Namun tiada kujumpa yg menambat hati seperti si Stuart.

This is Rockin Reptile heels, around RM580. Cantik gile tp x best pakai due to its poor alignment, sure sakit blakang kalau pakai all day, too bad...kalau x, mmg sambar dah.

And, these wooden letters are cute! I couldn't resist buying. Get yours at TYPO, Pavilion. I'm gonna put the letters on the Guestbook Table, near my Welcome Board.

Together with my parents and husband-to-be, we went for a food tasting session by Fadillah Irfan Caterer. The food tasting was held at a real wedding! Ktorg slambe mcm wedding crashers kat wedding tu haha. Good first impression, clean + well-organized caterer. The food is ok, not bad but not very very good either. I want the cendol booth for sure! Ape2 pon, after this my dad will discuss with the caterer, so tunggu je lah.

Next, me and my guy went to Nilai 3 to do some quick shopping. We entered KK Home Deco and VR Star. We found nothing that we want at KK Home Deco and spent around RM700 at VR Star. My mum wanted the bunga pahar to be ala2 gantung2 tu, glad that she's happy with what I bought :). The results:

Lastly, we went for a movie date Underworld: Awakening at Jusco Seremban with my 2 brothers. Keep going back and forth few times already, in a day - it's the price of our long distance love. Tiring but fulfilling day.

The cake tasting session was cancelled due to emergency family matters, Sarah's (my cake vendor) uncle passed away, Al-Fatihah. We will meet up another time.

Dad took the family out for lunch and later we drove to Melaka - balik kampung - just to have tea session with Nenek. We reached home at 7++ pm and went out again for dinner. Ponatttt badan. Spent the rest of the night layan muvi Moneyball with the siblings, a must-see movie, it truly deserved the Oscar nomination yesterday.

After lunch, a long drive back to Kuantan, alone. *Sigh

FYI, Bride #1 is out of country, she's now in Geneva or Amsterdam. Bride #3 is so busy with her new job, it will take time to adjust. Please excuse their absence for a while.

Temporary lone ranger, Bride #2.

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