Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Bride #2 Jan-Feb Checklist

My Ta-Da (DONE) List
As mentioned in previous checklist post:
1. Kursus Kahwin
2. Wedding Venues - Spanish Villa Poolside & His Home
3. Solemnization Dress - Amir Luqman (Next appointment on 28th Jan)
4. Wedding Photographer - Elinazz Photography
5. Wedding Cards - LH Creative Concept
6. Hantaran Deco & Wedding Favors - Merisik Gallery
7. Honeymoon Airplane Tickets (AirAsia)
Newly confirmed:
8. Honeymoon Villa - Bermimpi Bali Villas
9. 2 x Reception Dress - Khalik Mustafa
10. Pelamin & MUA - Yan Andaman (Owned & partly sponsored by my auntie hehe)
11. Wedding Henna - Creative Henna Designs
12. Wedding & Hantaran Cakes - Flavox Patisserie (Cake tasting on CNY, yummm!)
13. 2 x Sejadah & Telekung as Hantaran Items (Purchased by Bride #1 from Bandung, tq D!)
14. DIY Wedding Deco - Partly done (SSF, The Perfect Canvas & Gift For You)
15. Wedding Videographer - La Televisio

My To-Do (JAN/FEB) List
1. F&B Catering - To confirm booking - Fadillah Irfan Caterer
2. DIY Wedding Deco - To continue... plan nak beli kat IKEA & usha kat Nilai 3, my bridesmaid Sha is going to Bangkok this Feb, mintak tlg ushakan brg jugak
3. Eyeing on hantaran items - Tiffany & Co, Gucci or LV, Anya Hindmarch or Marc Jacobs, Stuart Weitzman... Wahhh boleh ke sume ni? Hati mmg mauuu
4. Get ready for formal procedures such as amek borang, HIV Test etc.

I'm in the risk of running out of cash by April ayoyoyo because byk lari budget =S. Well, being me, as expected. Anyway, this Saturday, me + Bride #1 + Bride #3 and 7 other girls will be hanging out at Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie. Rinduuuuuu ok!

Show me the money, Bride #2