Thursday, 5 January 2012

My Poolside Wedding Venue

I went back to my hometown last weekend, bright and sunny Seremban, home sweet home. On New Year's day, 1st January, me + my fiance + my father + my bro went to check out the solemnization and reception venue at Spanish Villa Resort Homes. Although the condos around are beginning to look aged, it is a very nice place, I love the hall and and the poolside :D weee! Below are some pics taken by my guy:

I'm supposed to book a penthouse/combine unit too - for our makeup sessions and for the groom's family to rest. Glad we saw the room before we confirm the booking! Err the unit assigned (conveniently just beside the wedding venue) was poorly maintained and smelly. So I'm now trying to get much better unit (if any) because the one in the pictures seems nicer hmm. The lady I spoke with is Zarina, I'm waiting for her reply to my latest email this evening.

Since my wedding will be an outdoor event for the most part, I'm really really freaking out for a Plan B just in case the weather does not play along. Everyone please start praying for no rain on my big day please *__*

Gegege tibe2 cuak, Bride #2


  1. So this villa is your final choice for the wedding venue? The front view and the poolside are picture-perfect. I bet they look even more beautiful at night, when the moonlight shines on from above. I hope they can pick more suitable rooms for you and your groom, and your families though. And keep your fingers crossed that the weather would be fine on your special day!

    Kindra Leomiti

  2. It's my only choice, since all decent halls are fully booked, and I can't afford hotel for >1000 guests *sob sob. Yes, indeed, the place looks so much better at night if you creatively play with romantic lighting, candles & transparent tents etc. ahhh~
    I really hope the weather will cooperate! Hoping for the best, xoxo.