Thursday, 26 January 2012

Bride #2 DIY Challenge: Sticker on VIP Wedding Favor

Tadaaaaa! This one is an express DIY, easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. I plan to put the stickers on my VIP wedding favors. No, the jar is not my VIP wedding favor, simpan stickers je dlm tu huhu. I did it once for my E-Day, so I'll do it again for my wedding.

E-Day Favor Stickers (Oct 2011)

W-Day VIP Favor Stickers (for June 2012)

1. Design the sticker - I get my design from Depositphotos
2. Print the design on sticker papers / labels - Herma labels

(Huhh yg ni terpakse beli yg mahal sbb Popular Kuantan xde choice pon, RM25 for 10 sheets, sila carik yg lg murah)

3. Cut the sticker accordingly - ruler, paper knife, scissors

Stickers Pro, Bride #2


  1. tak sangka sticker pun boleh DIY! i like~

  2. oh, sticker kita boleh beli ye? kat mana popular book store ada ye? u guna printer biasa je ke?

  3. Thank you all for the compliments,sure korang pon bole buat sendiri jugak
    Epa: Yup beli kat mane2 bookstore / stationery shop, ade yg lg murah. I gune printer laser jet,set standard tinggi sket.. U can try print 1 keping dulu ke,test test.. Cubalah,good luck!

  4. nice! where do you get the colored paper bag?

  5. Tq :) Oh that paper bag is actually DIY-ed using envelopes. Search for the steps on the Internet few years back, forgot the link already huhu. But really easy, you sure can make it too!

  6. Great idea! These personalized stickers would make your wedding even more special. The sticker design is simple yet creative. I’m also in the middle of creating stickers for my daughter’s birthday. I added a photo of her on it because that’s what she wanted. Then, I let her design the sticker; it’s her birthday after all!

    >Jessie Henn

  7. I remembered my wedding also had personalized stickers like this on the souvenirs, the wine, and the decors. My wife loved it so much! Our wedding planner made the stickers to match the theme of the wedding and added her art and logo. She’s pretty good at it, and I’ll be contacting her again if I need some personalized stickers for logo and branding. :)

    -- Humberto Decius