Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Bride #2 Bridal Henna/Mehndi

It's a neutral option towards having bridal henna/mehndi. I don't hate it nor love it, but from the google images I found, they're pretty good looking. I want something like these, just hands only - from fingers, palms and on hands up to the elbow; heavily patterned with intricate designs:

This is what I plan to get, it would be great if the design can perfectly combined to form a circle when I put my hands together side-by-side:

I want to hide his name somewhere on it ;P. Hubby-to-be is already asking how will I put his name in the design, he's curious hehe.

Last week, I sent out request for quotation emails to 5 henna vendors. Only 4 of them replied. The quoted price is from RM200 to RM600! Woahhh mahal jugak rupenye nak berinai nih.

I've booked Renuka from Creative Henna Designs because she's flexible on the henna/mehndi design (she said I can even have different pattern for each hand) and her price is reasonable for the design that I want (refer pic above). Below are some of her work - I'm obsessed with cleanliness and neatness - so she's good:

Pics taken from Creative Henna Designs facebook

Eager to be henna-ed, Bride #2


  1. errr...mahai...

    as pun teringin nak buat ukir2 ni kat kaki..tu pun dah rm100++..huhuhu

  2. Masa awal2 tau price range henna mcm ni terus "herrkkk"... tapi nakkkk
    Bende2 sampingan mcm ni laa like termites that are eating the wedding budget $$$

    1. cantik! i suka design2 camnih compare tue bunga2, these look so artistic...
      hari tue me buat henna RM300 tangan(+palm) kanan kiri plus 2 jam henna booth kat dewan untuk tamu2 kenduri wat henna for free :)

    2. I pon prefer design without much flowers. Wahhh menarik la idea u, mahal x charge for the henna booth tu? Kire per person ke per hour?

  3. wah nampak heavy tp sangat canteq!hihi

  4. hi syaz..hihi mmg sarat berat, once in a lifetime ;P layankan aje

  5. Hi dear, how much she quotes for you? I pon nak jugak tapi langsung tak survey lagi..hehe

  6. Hi yaya.. For design similar to pic no. 4, hands only, from fingers + palms until near elbow, she quoted me RM200. I haven't finalized my design yet as she also has lots to choose from ;)
    Sile2 survey hehe, I survey kjap je last week pastu terus book

  7. kite pernah survey paling murah rm100. kebanyakan ye above than rm100 la~

  8. Ok la tu bole dpt RM100, berbaloi. I think yg KL lg byk choice.
    Yg mcm last 2 pics, much simpler, dia ckp RM150 utk smpai lengan punye.