Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Weekend at Future In-Law's

At Acin's Wedding (without the pengantin)

Last weekend, I had the pleasure to spend days with husband-to-be and his family. On Saturday we attended two weddings (of his friends, Acin and Bakar) back to back. Together with us were my future-MIL and future-SIL with her 3 kids. At 3pm, we rushed to see my nikah dress designer, Amir Luqman for my 1st fitting session at his Plaza Damas boutique. For 1st fitting, the dress is just blank, it has no beading, no lace, no nothing...yet! Amir just wanted to make sure the dress fits me perfectly. Well, I think I'm gonna loooove my nikah dress ;) *wink *wink. Ingatkan nak amek gamba with Amir, but he was unwell, having fever. So we'll do that later (next fitting session) as he promised me.

Late at night, me + mr. fiance, just the two of us, we went to Mohsin TTDI because I was craving for cheese naan (Mumtaz) + tandoori chicken, yummmm! Later we lepak with his best friends at Hayaki Danau Kota.

I ended up waking up very late on Sunday, around 10++am, haishhh bikin malu saja. Right from the start, my waking hours at his house would hover between 9am to 11am. I never succeed in cultivating waking up early as a habit, mesti my in laws geleng kepala je tengok bakal menantu bangun lambat :S I'm honestly being myself, bad bad Diyana.

After we had our brunch (future-MIL masak Mee Sup), we went to IKEA for some shopping, my future-MIL and future-SIL pon ikut. Bought wedding related items around RM300++, plus membazir utk diri sendiri. Found out that my fav IKEA TINDRA scented candles now have wide variety of smells, nice! Even my guy pon dah ter-influenced with my candle habit, he grabbed one set for his room :p. After IKEA shopping, we went back home, had tea + banana fritters, packed my things and I zoom zoom back to Kuantan. Reached my bujang home just before AJL starts.

Alone again, Bride #2.


  1. lama dah teringin nak beli Tindra tu..their smells really good~

  2. Beli la cpt! Hehe sbb byk choice in store skrg ni, ade 6 scents - cheesecake, rose, apple, berries, cinnamon, papaya