Friday, 20 January 2012

Bride #2 Dream (Wedding) Shoes

Hola, beautiful ones :). I'm in a good mood today. Sometimes lusting after things way out of budget is a pretty damn good thing. To any discerning shoe-lover, you'll understand my obsession on these:

My dream designer shoes are from Christian Louboutin. You can find the French label at the ground floor of Isetan, Suria KLCC. Louboutin has yet to open their signature store in Malaysia, but I think there are another 2 outlets in KL (not sure). I promise I'll love my Louboutins like Carrie (SATC) loves her Manolos. Until the day I can afford a pair of Louboutin arrives, I remain a dreamer...

Psst psst..just so you know, Fazura did wear this Louboutin range to FFM24 last November...the pair costs +/- RM20k kottt, huiyoo kelasss kau Fazura!

Another brand in my wishlist is Stuart Weitzman. If compared to Louboutin, in a way, Weitzman is 'affordable'. I've been secretly in love with Stuart Weitzman for years now, since my Uni days.

For wedding shoes, I'm sure to get a pair of gold shoes. However, I'm not sure whether I'll make it as one of my hantaran items or I'll just wear it straight away on my big day. I have resolved in my heart that I can buy my dream shoes...but definitely not now! Hoho I'll decide later in April or May - tepuk dada tanya selera, and most importantly tengok ketebalan poket ;)! This is another test of willpower for me, temptations, oh hate it!

Fast-becoming a shoe lover, Bride #2


  1. Haha haruslaa glamor kalo sudah beriban seperti ini ;P
    There's no harm in dreaming *sigh

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