Tuesday, 10 January 2012

1 week of joy

Hello ladies,
I'm officially unemployed. Yes, unemployed for one week as i will be joining the new company starting next Monday. Therefore im utilizing these free time to do survey and send my dad for checkup. Even now i'm at the car service center, another 1 hour to wait. *ala2 gunekan masa cuti sebaik mungkin*. haha.

Im sorry to my 2 beloved brides and readers as i have recently being silent in updating our blog (junetasticbrides). Occupied with family matters. I try my best to update k.

On 30th Dec - 1st Jan, there is 'pameran pengantin' which supposed to be at i-city somehow they changed the venue to space u8. i found out about it by accident. Went there on 30th Dec with my mum, sister, baby and mr FH. The place quite new so u can imagine the smell of new building which doesn't comforting the baby at all. Spend about 30minutes coz most of wedding vendors in process to setup their booth. Planned to come the next day, unfortunately FH has emergency things to do and need to go back hometown. End up going to Jakel with my sister to buy my kain' for solemnization.

Alhamdulillah, wedding band for mr FH bought and reception dress for groom side has been decided and paid the deposit. Now pending for my side, which very much i'm still searching *search with no ends*. Remember my journey to Cosry on previous blog post, akmal the assistant suddenly sms and asking if im interested to buy their ready made dress, about 6k for bride and groom(baju melayu only) with no accessories. At first it tempted me to persuade mr FH but then with that price i should be able to get full package else where. So if u girls thinking of wearing Cosry, drop me an email so i can send u akmal's number.
Alhamdulillah, FH already certified. Now we are 1 step ahead in completing our checklist *long long checklist*.

Till we meet again, bride #3

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