Friday, 6 January 2012

Sweet Dreaming in Bali?

Quite busy first week of the year. At work, time flies so fast. Towards the end of the week, Bride #1 and Bride #3 also got their hands full. Bride #3 is starting a new job soon, while Bride #1 is currently having crazy shopping spree moments in Bandung, no doubt! Haha because both me and Bride #3 ask her to buy us some (ok, many!) items too. Thank you, with love :)

Since last week, I'm always irritable and short-tempered. Even trivial things set me off easily. When all I do and think about is work + non-stop things-to-do, wedding preps *sigh* seriously, I can't wait for honeymoon in June! Somehow I constantly imagining of happy time, calm + relaxed scene in my mind. So let's talk about the chosen honeymoon villa - Bermimpi Bali Villas :D, booked last month.

When I first saw Bermimpi Bali Villas on tripadvisor, my first impression was "Wahh! Colourfulnyeee..." Very different from other villas that I have shortlisted, rase pelik sket pon ade. Then I gave the website link to my fiance, he took a look and instantly loved it! For me pulak, after digging around + checking reviews + comparing prices + seeing the pictures; the result = I can't stop thinking about it for 4 days! *Arrgh nak! nak! nak!* Sampai hari2 bukak website just nak tgk gambar and berangan ok - Ya ampunn, I was that desperate haha. They have total 6 villas and each is like your own private house in Bali. The location is fantastic, situated between the restaurants + shops + spas street and the beach. Availability is very limited. Since the villas are often booked many months in advance, I did the same too.

Sent an enquiry via the form in its website, I received a long helpful reply from Hayley Finney (the owner) within 30 minutes WOW!!!. Because I told Hayley that me and my fiance are first timers to Bali looking for an instantly relaxing and romantic atmosphere with emphasis on privacy and cleanliness, so she carefully explained a lot about her villa in a friendly tone. The rates are $280 USD per night inclusive of a daily continental breakfast hamper or No Breakfast Promo $245 USD per night. Plus 15% tax and service. Dia siap bgtau camni: "To be honest, many people opt for the no breakfast rate as there are just so many great and inexpensive close-by places to explore each morning, plus you have the option of just ordering breakfast at your leisure from the In-Villa Dining menu". That is honest.

We will stay at Villa Bermimpi Manis. I made full payment of $878.51 USD (RM2,872.11) via PayPal for the 4D3N stay. The villa has an open living concept with high pitched timbered roofs clad in local bamboo, enchants with muted shades of lavenders, romantic purples and crisp cool whites. Too many words already, nahh sile tgk the photos taken from their website and facebook:

Indulgent and spacious

Gorgeous Bali bale

Wonderful and relaxing

Semi exposed shower flanked by tropical foliage and Bali stones

The daydreaming continues for Bride #2... Ahhhh...~


  1. Err..tumpang tanya..yg mana satu diha? Bride #1 eh? saye tak tahu nak baca mana satu..hehehe...anyways, goodluck korang!

  2. Hehe kantoi Bride #1 kat sini, yep
    Kalau nak tau siape post ade kat label bwh each post
    Thank you :)! Welcome + happy reading