Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Bride #2 Dream Pelamin (Wedding Dais)

The other day, my Aunt Zizah (father's sister) who is also my mak andam asked me to find some photos for my dream pelamin. I showed these to her, she replied 'so funnily' hahaha. In the end, I can only get half of it, asalkan dpt sket, bole la labuuuuu ;p

All photos are taken from Merisik Gallery, Nas Great Idea and Zaifie Zainal.

Mini Pelamin Nikah

Pelamin Reception My Side

Pelamin Reception His Side

Sambung berangan... , Bride #2


  1. Kannnnn nak bunga2 rapat2 full2 haha tp my aunty ckp sgt mahal kalo nak buat btul2 same

  2. belah lelaki tema garden ke?

  3. Xde tema specific..just ikut tema kaler je, belah lelaki more to simple + sharp + elegant

  4. semua pon nice!geram tengok yg mcm garden tu..hihi

  5. Hihi kalau lah inspirations ni dpt direalisasikan... :) buat laaa plsss

  6. Wow.... I'm eally impressed with your creativity. Sungguh cantik.