Thursday, 31 May 2012

Bride #2 May-June Checklist

My Ta-Da (DONE) List
As mentioned in previous checklist posts:
1. Kursus Kahwin
2. Wedding Venues - Spanish Villa Poolside & His Home
3. Solemnization Dress & Veil - Amir Luqman
4. Wedding Photographer - Elinazz Photography
5. Wedding Cards - LH Creative Concept. My part is considered DONE, Mr. Fiance and our parents are still distributing...
6. Hantaran Deco & Wedding Favors - Merisik Gallery
  • To follow up with Merisik Gallery for the hantarans deco, handbouquet, personalized choc bars and marshmallow pops.
  • As expected, my parents mmg tambah lagi wedding favors, another 1000 boxes to be filled with AGROMAS Honey Kaya jar/cup and sweets. OK, whatever, thank you!
7. Honeymoon Airplane Tickets - AirAsia
8. Honeymoon Villa - Bermimpi Bali Villas
9. 2 x Reception Dress - Khalik Mustafa
Picked up the 2 dresses last Sunday. Wahhh I love the overall look of the dresses. Detailings amat byk accentuating the color and making it look very elegant. Full review after wedding lah k. I highly recommend him, he'll be Malaysia fashion world's next big thing.
10. Pelamin & MUA - Yan Andaman
11. Wedding Henna - Creative Henna Designs, to email my map to Renuka
12. Hantaran items - Please refer this post
13. DIY Wedding Deco - SSF, The Perfect Canvas & Gift For You, IKEA, yg lain2 print2 gunting2 sendiri
14. Wedding Videographer - La Televisio

Newly confirmed:
15. F&B Catering - Fadillah Irfan Caterer
16. Legal Stuff - Not much problem, settled in less than 2 weeks, all docs are now with the Jurunikah
17. Groom Attires
  • Baju melayu nikah ready-made by Omar Ali.
  • According to my aunty, his reception attires are ready for 1st fitting tp Mr. Fiance busy plak nak pegi on weekdays skrg ni, considered DONE?
18. Kompang Group & DJ - Booked by Ayah, considered DONE
19. Tudung Nikah - Decided to wear tudung for nikah, but haven't decided to wear which one yet, Pearl Haya (White) or Sugarscarf (Soft Pink)

My To-Do List (Hopefully this is last!)
1. Maid of Honour & Bestman Attires - tanye update, rase2 ok kot
2. Bunga Manggar - totally no idea haha, rasenye ni last minute
3. Road Signage - to laminate, kayu papan perlu ke? last minute jugak
4. Copy (burn) wedding songs to CDs or DVD
5. Guest Board Corner (DIY) - to design the setup, later my brother will help to arrange

Hmm others that are not in the list are family members attires, bridesmaids, table centerpieces and family corsage/button badges. Ni semua optional, I don't want to push much on these. If there's anything I missed let me know!

Dah sampai mood-asalkan-lepas, Bride #2


  1. Samelah dear, gambate! Ur <100 days sure akan berlalu cpt aje rase ;)!

  2. Mostly dah done tue consider okay jer :)

  3. Hehe kalo x ok pon x dpt pikir byk dah
    and all the best for ur preps too liya!

  4. follow me back...tq dear ;)