Monday, 28 May 2012

Bride #1: the last say as a Ms.

8 months planning finally near its execution day. I'm still one hell of a fickle minded bride. This brain just have to make things more unbearable. I'd still complain but at the end of the day somehow those unnecessary burdens still found their ways to make an appearance at my wedding. There's no such thing as 40 days pantang from seeing the future husband, not even 3 days! 

I'll start my break on Thursday, taking mom to her deserved spa, doing our first rehearsal (that's 3 days away from the wedding date!), final fitting for both nikah and reception dress, meeting with the photographer. Then Friday, gonna start on packing the door gifts, I might steal some time to have my final spa session. Well, that subject to Mom's approval. She gets pretty upset seeing me running around like a headless chicken.

Ok, for now I leave you with my instagram collections on #a**d***

miss Bride #1, signing off

teeeheee shall reveal myself soon ;)