Thursday, 3 May 2012

April & May Money Flow

Imagine you let thousands of ringgit flow like a mighty river. Menangesssss! There are many wedding things got finalized such as pelamin deco, wedding attires, hantaran items, imam/jurunikah, application to marry, catering F&B etc. Buttttt.. RM70 here; RM50 there; RM300 in; RM700 out; doesn't seem like much until I take a look at my wedding budget list and realize - I'm way over budget!

There are many things that I would like to share with you, I'll try to update often k... For now, let me share another nikah dress teaser with matching Sembonia shoes that I bought in April. Heeee I can't resist to buy the pair as my 2nd wedding shoes!

Latest money issues/add-ons:
  • Mr. Fiance suddenly need to custom order his 2 wedding attires (mandarin suit and baju melayu sanding) because he's taller than average height of Malaysian men. At first plan nak sewa je, namun malang sume baju dia try obviously senteng.
  • Mum wants to add more wedding favors, she said things that I ordered/bought are not enough.
  • Dad might want to increase F&B headcount of attending guests, 1700 pax are not enough? Seriously?! This is crazy.
  • Kompang group, DJ and upah jurunikah cost a little more than expected.
  • Decided to wear tudung during nikah ceremony, bought from Pearl Haya, need to wait 1-2 weeks for customization.
I have used up all of my contingency. Tell me where else to korek for $$$?
I'm trying to balance wedding dreams with bank accounts, Bride #2


  1. niceeeee...cntik btol it :)

  2. nice dress dear...nway my blog add change to sorry ya..sebab kene hack..please edit ya..

  3. Rina & Miza: Thank you :) simple mini kurung aje. Orait Miza, later I'll change your blog link here