Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Bride #2 Hantaran Items

We decided to do something about our money issues to cover all the things yg terlebih sudeh - a major cost cutting on all of our hantaran items! Change brands, downgrade items from big to small etc. The two words "cost cutting” are upsetting but it's better than to build up credit card debt. Let's not drive ourselves into deep debt trap huhu.

So here are our hantaran items:


7 For Him
  1. Tommy Hilfiger Wallet
  2. Ralph Lauren Perfumes - Big Pony Him & Her
  3. Sejadah (From Bandung by Bride #1) + Tasbih (By Mom)
  4. Fondant Cake ordered from Marlynn's
  5. Calvin Klein Shoes
  6. Ralph Lauren Sweater + Shirt
  7. Sirih Junjung - Mr. Fiance will help to order for me
5 For Her
  1. Mas Kahwin + Hantaran + Tiffany & Co. Necklace
  2. Sejadah + Telekung (From Bandung by Bride #1)
  3. Fuji Instax Camera + Camera Bag
  4. Kate Spade Wallet + ALDO shoes
  5. Sirih Junjung - Mr. Fiance will settle this
We bought our last 3 hantaran items at Suria KLCC. Immediately after finished shopping, we celebrated our small victory (of spending less than budgeted! Yeayers) with Japanese lunch and Patchi chocs. Delicious!

Missing my guy, Bride #2

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