Thursday, 17 May 2012

Tudung Nikah? Sugarscarf Awning Hijab

I bought another tudung nikah, this time it's from my favourite Sugarscarf!

The concept of my nikah attire is simple: Less is More. I just want to wear a plain awning hijab to match with the heavily beaded Amir Luqman veil. I already bought a pure white awning hijab last month from Pearl Haya, but I have worries as the awning seems round, I don't want to emphasize my round face so much hmmmph... So I think this is a valid reason for me to buy a new one eh, well just to be safe :p That is why I bought a pink-white ombre awning hijab from Sugarscarf (They don't have a pure white awning hijab in the current collection sobsss).

I've been a regular Sugarscarf customer and I have to say that I have never been disappointed in their product. Ayuni (my colleague) and me kinda hooked to the site since its beginning in 2009. I still remember at that time Eyqa (the Sugarscarf founder) was just a uni student at MMU. But look at the business now, after a lot of magazine / tv appearances, they now even have their own boutique store at Seksyen 7, Shah Alam. Wow, kudos to Sugarscarf! :D That's a whole lot of improvement. I wish I could stop by the boutique someday.

Review - Sugarscarf :: Malaysia Online Hijab Store

1. The product standard of quality is excellent. You'll get just the rigth awning measurement and attractive high quality material. Once, I ordered one hijab as a surprise gift for my FMIL, she totally loves it! (Hihi langkah memenangi hati bakal ibu mertua) x brape muda pon suka design2 Sugarscarf tau :)
2. Great service! Based on my online shopping customer service experiences with Sugarscarf, it's no fuss, no muss. You'll get prompt response on every order. Plus, all the awning hijab will be wrapped and delivered in a box, mcm dlm gambar atas ni, cantik!

1. You have to be alert for the newest collection update sebab kalau lambat sikit je, you'll see a lot of the items will be marked as "ALL FULLY RESERVED / SOLD OUT". And that always frustrate me :( Kene rajin la sket follow their facebook for latest news, promo and contest.

So which tudung nikah should I wear? The pure white or the pink-white ombre? Apa kata mak andam? Honestly, memang x tau lagi. An element of surprise. So tungguuuuuu ~ 16th June k!

Oh sugar sugar, Bride #2

P/S - This review is submitted to Sugarscarf.

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