Saturday, 5 May 2012

My Official Invite

I will start distributing wedding invitation cards next week!
For this, I would like to express my sincere appreciation for my colleague, Nisah. She helped me cut out these labels that I printed the guests name onto, while I was so busy attending meetings on Friday! So kind..Thank you so much mummy-to-be :)!

The progress on tying the wedding card ribbons are almost completed, just my own individual distribution. For my family and groom's family, they already got the cards from me, ready to be distributed at any time.

Here are the pics of my peachpink + gold wedding invitation card inside out:


 Inside Pocket

Her & Him Details (Front)

Her & Him Maps (Back)


The vendor is LH Creative Concept

Sambung ikat ribbon, Bride #2


  1. Hi Anis, come laaa, please email me your mailing address ya :) !

  2. Me too.. please...hehehe
    Love the card so much!

  3. Hi dear, no prob, can i have ur mailing address please.. Email me at junetastic.brides gmail ya! :)

  4. Hi Diyana,

    Received ur card.yeay!! TQ =)