Tuesday, 22 May 2012

i miss you

Dear my beloved bride #1 and #2, and yes beloved readers. I know i have been MIA for some months.
Let me share some updates. *da mcm hantar progress report*

1 -Pelamin - confirmed. I wanted something like this but the price make no justice to my budget and wedding planner doesnt agree as he said its not suitable with the venue.

 2- Wedding cards on its way to reach my family members and family friends doorstep. Cant wait to meet the girls and distribute the card.

3- Hantaran for him and her, on its way to complete. My childhood friends wanted to sponsor the photobooth and hiasan hantaran for my side. Ok rezeki jgn tolak. Berpeluh IH when i told him i wanted T&Co.

4 - Since my solemnization process a bit complicated and as requested by my family, friends will be coming to my reception instead. Jangan ambil hati yer.

Will update more.

Getting ready for birthday celebration, bride #3

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