Friday, 4 May 2012

Bride #1: yet to panic

I gotta agree with Bride #2, money issue is one of the things that could give you sleepless night,  headache and the cause of some heated arguments. As much as I try to contain myself from spending on the less important stuffs, it was never that easy. I ended up getting what my heart desires. Like nikah shoes, it's almost obvious that I won't be wearing a glittered high heels as often as I need to, in order to justify my purchase. A was definitely against it, but I insisted that the shoes will be put to good use. Mind over matter, nikah shoes - 1, bride #1 - 0

Despite countless whining from both of us, all the necessary legal documents are complete, so yes, we can't wait to be married! What's left on our plates now are those small details; thank you tags, packing for guests' gifts, decoration for dessert table. These things are gonna keep me busy for the next 29 days.

And I have finally started on my bridal spa thingy ma jiggy. I'm just a little bit worried about the sudden breakouts on my face. Need to remind myself not to schedule any facial at least 1 week before the wedding date.

This weekend I'll be on my first surprise bachelorette getaway with my dearies. I have no idea where they are taking me. I was only asked to pack extra nice looking lingeries. Praying hard it will be nothing that involves getting my hair covered in mud. Can't believe it is finally my turn to be carrying the title 'bride-to-be'. Alhamdulillah. All praises to Allah.

Keep calm and carry on, Bride #1

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