Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Beach Bunny

Almost ready for Bali!

Another Honeymoon buys, Havaianas High Light Navy Blue. Ganti my Crocs slippers yg dah too old. Bought it yesterday at KLCC while waiting for Mr. Fiance. Had to call him to come pick me up as soon as possible so that I don't buy more things. What's with my nafsu shopping lately?! Membuak-buak, help.

If you don't own a pair of Havaianas already, you must buy one immediately :)!
Bride #2


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  2. I pakai Ipanema je. Havainas mahal lah for me. Dulu2 je biasa beli sekali-dua. haha.

  3. Ipanema pon menarik jugak :) one day I'll buy one.
    So far, both Crocs (the old pair yg I pakai since 2008) and Havaianas tahan lama, worth buying!