Thursday, 10 May 2012

Bride #1: the last 'all singles' getaway =(

It was the most exciting yet heartbreaking weekend with my three best girlfriends from high school. Exciting cos it was like celebrating our decade long of friendship but heartbreaking knowing that that was the last vacation with all of us being 'unmarried'.

Not being the good one at surprising people myself, I always fell for it. And this time, it was not an exception. Apparently, one of them had accidentally mentioned the plan over the dinner we had last week. Guessed I was so occupied with my banana leaf rice to even care what she was saying. And so on Saturday, I still had no clue on where they were taking me. My best bet; either Avilion PD or The Dusun. I was more inclined towards the former since one of us has a specific 'condition' towards an-all-girls getaway. Unknowingly to me, the latter was our ultimate destination, the one that I've been dreaming to go. =')

I knew it right there and then that the place wouldn't disappoint us. Such a serene and wonderful place. Definitely a true gem in the middle of 'dusun'.

Felt totally blessed with the amazing time spent with the girls. The water gun battle in the pool, a big hearty BBQ dinner at the patio, the torturing games, the specially-designed sash for moi, the exclusive badges for all 4 of us and those reminiscing moments; I will keep them all close to my heart.

Thank you APZ, for these memories, for just being amazing, for everything.

Love is in the air, Bride #1

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