Friday, 18 May 2012

Carnival Wedding... THE BOMB!

Afnan Omar was one of the shortlisted photographers in my list but fate has it that I don't get to have him on my wedding day. Nevertheless, I keep my eyes fixed to all of his works, on his website, FB and of one of his many excellent pieces, this one caught my attention.

This couple is living my dream, to have such a lively wedding. Bows to Filmshotartifact for their amazing work! I could almost believe that it was done in a private barn.

One that has many dreams, Bride #1


  1. Hello Junetastic Brides! Ayzee here, thanks for the review :) I was blog hopping and and accidentally landed on ur awesome blog. Keep up with the good updates ok :)All the best for the wedding preparation. Hopefully everything will go smoothly as planned.

    1. wow hi Ayzee! i'm your fan hahahaha love all the details about your wedding and engagement day. Sorry for being such a stalker ;) anywhooo, have a blessed marriage life! =)

      Bride #1