Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Junetastic Bridal Shower & Wengurls 10th Anniversary

Last Saturday, #Wengurls gathered at Zura's place. We had cosy fun! Lots of food - Domino's, KFC, Sha's fried macaroni, Zura's homemade lychee cheesecake etc.

The coolest thing is the bridal shower wishing tree! Heard that Sha (my MoH) dragged the huge curly branch into the house from a trash site nearby haha, then the gals decorated it with love awww. I love looking at pretty things :)

The gals added something special and unique to our bridal shower too. As we celebrate our 10th anniversary of friendship this year, we made a time capsule - a memory box of all the things we do today that is to be opened in another 10 years' time. Each card represents our characters, I got SB, Bride #2 got FF and Bride #3 got FL hehe.

The best part for me as bride-to-be(s) is the La Senza (Obviously!) and party favors hehe. Each of us gets one of those framed pictures arranged on the red bookshelf and pavlova by Kisses & Cream (Thanks Apid for the delicious pavlova!). It's gone within minutes when Mr. Fiance and me ate it together in the car after the bridal shower, siap esoknye Mr. Fiance mengidam nak carik pavlova Awal & Scha la plak, gi sampai Bangsar, ok that's another story...

I can't even imagine where I would be today were it not for Wengurls who have given me a heart full of joy. Let's face it, friends make life a lot more fun! C y'all at Bride #1's wedding! Sooooonnn weeee :D Cuak + excited for Bride #1!

Thank you Noran, Sha, Zura, Apid, Fira, Aleen and Ja! We, Bride #1 + Bride #2 + Bride #3 are grateful to have #Wengurls in our life.

Yours truly, SB = Sleeping Beauty, Bride #2 zzZZz...

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