Monday, 2 April 2012

Finally... My Wedding Shoes!

I bought this 5.5 inches Capecoral Platform Pumps as my wedding shoes, weeee :) Got it from ALDO Mid Valley Gardens store yesterday. However, these show a tiny bit of toe cleavage, but not bad, and also it reminds me so much about Christian Louboutin Daffodile's as shown in my previous post. On a whim I just grabbed it along with these 2 items:

Genuine leather insoles to provide all-day comfort

Fun-fun sunglass for honeymoon

Celebrity in ALDO Capecoral Bone - Sarah Hyland

Celebrity in Christian Louboutin Daffodile - Beyonce
**Drooling** Nak yg ni sebenarnye, yg gold! Aiyayyy

Maybe I'll make the ALDO shoes as one of my hantaran items, put it together with my Kate Spade item, let them share a tray. Maknanya haruslah carik satu lagi kasut for nikah kan huhu, $$$ hmmph..we'll see how lah... Bride #2


  1. sgt cantik n sexy kalo i pakai mau jatuh gedebuk..hahaha..btw cantik sgt..

  2. 5.5 inc. tingginyeeee. tapi sangat niceee. kalau pakai extra insoles bagus ye?? kaki selesa ye??

  3. Rina - thanks babe ;)! jumpe terus sambar je coz time is running out!
    Epa - kene tinggi sbb i'm such a shorty! Pakai insoles tu extra selesa, sbb kne pakai all day kawen nanti kan, so 'invest' je lah hehe

  4. wah gojes nye kasut u..look sexy! ex b2b link u..gud luck dear :)

  5. simple yet stunning gitu! i pun suke platform pump!

  6. i love!!! terpakselah survey kasut aldo pula lepas ni

  7. Mila - thanks for the link, will link u back soon ;)
    Schaz - nak yg bab stunning tu! :D
    Yaya - let's share the love, bukan terpaksa jom la relaaa hehe

  8. gojes ok! kite pun masih hunting lagi~ adoyai...

  9. Thank u dhiera, sorry lambat reply sbb arini br ade masa.. Hopefully by now u found the shoes already! :)