Thursday, 12 April 2012

Bride #1: rolling again

Had an awesome 2 weeks break from work, from wedding talks, from the reality. Yupss, I just got back from my holiday in South Island of New Zealand. Magnificient view throughout, I am highly considering to migrate there. Set up a farm for sheeps and cows, produce halal meat and maybe open up halal restaurant to serve nasi lemak in Queenstown. Oh lovely dream!

Imagine to have these views before your eyes, every single day you wake up to the world.

Mom was really furious that I spent yet more money and time for the unrelated details other than the wedding. Oh Mom, I wish this vacation could happen after the wedding but for the anticipation that lasted for over a year, it was all worth it!

Having travelled to many countries, I still found my undying love for Malaysia, especially for the amount of public holidays we got! Thank you new Agong! And that should call for another wedding preparation duty.

Went to check out the price for a pair of suit for A. We asked around for quotes to have the suit tailor-made but A has minimal trust on the unproduced materials. So the best we have so far is RM799 from G2000. Excellent cut! Lucky that A's body is quite a standard size. Then, we went scouting for wedding bands, where else if not to Habib Jewels. Popped in at least 3 outlets to find out that they don't have much designs for my size (i'm a size 8-9). A is freaking out at the possibility of having my ring custom made which will  definitely go way beyond his budget hehehehe but this wife-to-be has got to be sensible. Last resort, we might settle for a pair of necklace. Boleh la kan, asalkan ade =)

I have 7 more weekends to go before the end of my singlehood. Yikes! I start to having nightmares in my sleep. MUA did not turn up, henna was not done, food was insufficient, chaos was everywhere! Phewww I hope and pray that won't happen.

The moral of the story is, listen to your mom, Bride #1

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