Friday, 20 April 2012

Bride #2 Wedding Favors

Candy + Paper Box (200)
Got the Paper Boxes for free from my wedding card vendor, LH Creative Concept, as part of the package.

Bride's Reception
Bunga Pahar - At pelamin only

VIP Guests (200) : Mug + Paper Bag + Personalized Choc Bar

Bought the Bunga Pahar, Mugs and Paper Bags at Nilai 3, as seen in the previous post.

Adults (800): Personalized Choc Bar

Kids (400): Marshmallow Pops

Ordered the Personalized Choc Bar and Marshmallow Pops from Merisik Gallery. I also get their service for all my dulang hantaran design and handbouquet. Yesterday, Amie from Merisik Gallery asked me to choose the design for my choc bar. Which one is better?

Groom's Reception
Not 100% sure because I do not handle this part, but what I know there are..
- Bunga Pahar
- Paperweight bentuk telur (Unik!), then put in clear glass
Other items kut ade lg... seriously xtau! Huhu

I'm now officially on limited budget! :( , Bride #2